Free Ode - Ode is missed!


2019… really, Really? come on now. Free Ode! :runner::oncoming_police_car:


That seems rather harsh, unless they posted some awful stuff that’s been deleted.


I have a feeling it might be justified.


Now I really want to know what Ode did. I must have missed that post. I think I saw him get hot under the collar in a couple threads recently, but nothing that I would expect him to get banned for.


The role of devil’s advocate can indeed be useful, and even necessary… but if that is what ‘Ode’ was going for, then he kinda took this role to [an immature/childish] extreme and was quite petty and very trolly. Anyways, those are not very good reasons to be banned until a seemingly arbitrary date & time in 2k19. I don’t know why or what he was actually banned for though, other than what is stated above, “Reason: Trolling”.


Finally. The majority of his comments were not productive.


“Produtive” is definitely a relativistic perception. As mentioned by a few, I did not notice anything extreme that would warrant a ban. But then again, I know not the complete story…


2.5 years? geez… Is this the first action taken on their account, or have there been warnings and escalations? Seems kinda heavy-handed for a first-time suspension.


He wasn’t always “trolling”, but I didn’t see the post he might have made that resulted in his ban. But the ban does seem kinda long, perhaps he might get “parole”


We don’t know how much cleanup the moderators have had to do. While what people see may have been edgy or fun, that may have been only the acceptable 50% of what Ode posted. It is hard to be a moderator, I doubt they made this decision casually.


He was suspended for 48 hours back on January 7. And I know the moderators don’t suspend a user before repeated warnings. So this was at least his “4th strike”.


Oh no, he might have to gasp create a new username! The 'orror of it all.


I’m sure creating a new account is against the TOS/TOU. Just because one can doesn’t mean it’s ethically acceptable. :wink:


I gave him multiple warnings. I’ve never banned someone for being ‘Anti-Soylent’, he was one of the most flagged users on the forums, as well as the most aggressive towards other users. Even after multiple warnings he made zero attempts to change how he interacted on these boards. I stand by my choice to ban him. He’s the first person i’ve banned on behavior alone.


10-4, feel free to close the thread since I don’t think much more can be said on the topic that leads to constructive conversation.


Joined 45 mins ago… coincidence?


Well that’s unfortunate. He or she was one of the reasons I’d check this forum regularly.