Free Sample Pack from Queal!

Hello fellow powdered-food enthusiasts,

If you’re in the EU, I have an exciting offer for you:

We here at Queal are now sending out free sample packs anywhere in the EU.
You do pay €4,50 in shipping costs, but that is it!

It holds 6 half-meal bags of Queal.
One of each of our five current flavours:

  • Awesome Apple Pie
  • Cool Chocolate
  • Funky Forest Fruit
  • Crazy Chocolate Peanut
  • Super Strawberry

As well as a bag of our unflavoured “In Qontrol” variant.

The next batch is shipped out on the 27th (next week).

You can order one HERE.

Kind regards,
Onno at


That’s an awesome deal! Too bad I live in the US. Now I know how the folks in the EU feel about how much easier it is for us to get Soylent. I’m pretty jelly. :wink:

Maybe I just haven’t found it yet but I can’t seem to find any nutrition info on any of the products.

Go to and then click: “What is Queal made of?”

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Better. Still doesn’t list the micronutrients. I’m not worried about a deficiency. More concerned about an over dose.


The site should make it so that the micros are listed outright, imo, but I found the micros:

There are a good number of micros that go over the 100% mark. There are 129 grams of protein which might be good for a body builder. It doesn’t list sulfur for some reason. Omega 3 has 500% DV and this may or may not be bad.

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3g omega-3 is not bad you can supposedly go up to 5g and still be ok. Although I can’t tell if that’s DHA,EPA, or ALA. The sulphur is provided by the whey protein. It would be nice to have an actual number. What gets me is the math in the fat section. 3 + 6 = 1? 9 + 2 + 2 = 57???

I didn’t notice if the DIY nutrition info matches the given info on the site. I don’t see anything in the listed ingredients on the site that concerns me.

And 363% manganese. I cant for the life of me understand, why a lot of formulas overdose on manganese. @Queal Reduce the amount of oat flour and raise the amount of maltodextrin correspondingly. Maltodextrin is totally harmless to consume. Doing this will bring down the manganese and other overdoses too. Also check your multi-vitamin. The maltodextrin change will also make it smoother to consume.

@Tark The Manganese level is indeed on the high side, though certainly below the “upper limit” as prescribed by the USA. (The EU-regulations do not recommend an upper limit.) We are working on a new formula which reduces the manganese, and actually optimizes all micro-nutrients to be closer to their optimal levels, though I can’t guestimate an ETA for when this will be implemented.

We do not increase the maltodextrin because we found the current ratio of slow- to fast carbs provides an excellently balanced energy-level throughout the day.


Glad to know.

Whey protein as an ingredient. Shame, I was hoping there would finally be a vegan Soylent alternative in Europe.

No need for omnivore shaming :smile:


Just want to let everybody know that you have until 23:59 tonight to order the Sample Pack!

I just got my sample bag the other day, I really loved the crazy chocolate peanut one. Even my family members loved it even though they were very sceptical about trying it.

However I’ve just started a vegan lifestyle, so I have to wait for a vegan version now. As it seems there are no vegan soylent yet :smile: