Free Soylent 1.4

I have 14 bags of Soylent 1.4 that expired on 2/16 that my husband is not going to be using. He just discovered them when he went to move some things from storage. There is nothing wrong with them other than they are expired over 15 months ago. I don’t know why these don’t have oil because all the other formulas he had came with oil but maybe this version didn’t have oil with it. He was on the 1.3 before this.

Anyway he no longers uses Soylent and does not want to throw it away if he can find someone who wants it. All he is asking is that someone pays the shipping charges and they can have it. So if anyone is interested, email me and give me their zip code and I will let them know how much it will be and I will ship it off to them. Thanks. My zip is 03253. Nancy

That was perhaps the most polarizing version ever. It also is a non-oil bottle version, as are all subsequent iterations. If anyone takes on this offer, I’d be curious to see how well it has held up.

what do you mean the most poarizing version ever?


I think it means that many people loved or hated it. But i don’t think that is actually clear. 1.3 was the favorite of many people. A few people have had terrible things to say about every version. I think there was a deliberate campaign against some versions, with some people assuming different identities. But that seems to be over now.

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Whatever the honesty of that debate, there was a lot of vehement disagreement about 1.4. The scope and tone of the expressed disagreements far exceeded that surrounding any other release. Part of the reason is that 1.4 changed pretty significantly in many ways from 1.3–texture, taste, etc.–whereas most changes are more like tweaks. I personally was fine with both of them. Some of the debates on this forum were pretty out of control then.

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BTW, my interest in how it has held up has nothing to do with that stuff, only its age. Between the packaging and its composition, I’m just curious if Soylent does better at outliving expiration dates than other foods (that aren’t canned).

I know someone that loves 1.3 and has tons of the 1.3. They don’t make
that anymore, do they? Wouldn’t they all be expired? He hates 1.4. He
says anytime he sees any 1.3 for sale he grabs it. Would the 1.3 hold up
better expired than the 1.4?

What timing, I only have one bag left of 1.5. I don’t know how the vitamins have held up, but the flavor is fine after all this time.

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As I recall, 1.3 came with bottles of oil. The oil may deteriorate with time, but when the oil is separate, you can simply add fresher oil to the mix. So yes, I think 1.3 would hold up better than 1.4. The older batches of Soylent had longer expiration dates, I think largely for this reason.

Just a heads up, I also have a box or so of 1.4. Unfortunately after sitting on the shelf too long it’s certainly gone bad. It smells and tastes kinda mildew-ish. I’m about to throw mine away (which just feels wrong) but it’s no good. Just ordered a batch of 1.8 and I think it’s got a much better texture than 1.4 as well.

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