Free Soylent 1.5

I have 13 Bags of Soylent 1.5. Seven are still in the box and six have no box. They are yours for the price of shipping. I’ll ship them anywhere as long you willing to pay for it. I would prefer someone who can’t order Soylent from Rosa Labs.

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I might be willing to take you up on that offer. While I’m not international or otherwise unable to order my own- I have been getting some requests from friends to try it out and this would allow me to do that without cutting myself short for the month. If no one else pops up international- let me know.

That’s awesome! How much is shipping to the Netherlands? For all, or for some part. I’d like to compare it to the euro options I’ve tried and am currently using; been waiting for ages to try the “real” version.

Shipping will cost around $71 USD. It’ll take 6 to 10 days. I don’t know about customs you might want to check see if there will be any extra charges.

Hmmm. Thanks for the great offer, but I think the customs risk is slightly too high indeed. I guess I’ll have to wait until Rosa Labs officially expands to the EU. Sorry-- I hope you can make somebody else happy!

Are you strictly selling to those unable to purchase from RL? I’m currently trying to figure out if I can afford this (college!) And was wondering if you’d consider shipping to Pittsburgh, PA?

I’d pay. I’m at an APO address and have been waiting on their shipping partner to actually send my order without cancelling it for no reason other than them not being able to process USPS shipping even though some CONUS orders do get sent via USPS. Blows my mind. Been waiting 1.5 months and am currently in limbo after a 28 day purchase.

how much would shipping cost to hong kong? if price is reasonable, would love to take you up on your offer! don’t think soylent is coming to hong kong anytime soon, unfortunately.

About $71 USD. Like I told Thomas make sure you know any customs fees.

Are these available, and do you have an estimate of what it would cost to ship to Arlington VA 22201?

i’ll take your offer keenin if i’m next in line. will PM you!

Thanks everyone for your interest. The Soylent has been shipped international

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