Free Starter Kit?


After thinking about Soylent for a long time, I finally decided to order my first bag (21 meals). I received a confirmation e-mail letting me know I would be receiving a “starter kit” a couple weeks in advance and would later receive shipping information regarding my order.

When I went through the checkout process, I made an add-on purchase of an “airtight pitcher”… my question is, am I now going to receive two pitchers? How easy is the refund process if I no longer need the additional pitcher if that’s the case?

I already sent an e-mail to the asking for clarification, but was asking here in case anyone else has experienced this.



As far as refunds go, the team has always been very friendly, usually the email given out is not sure where you saw the other one at.

Nobody who has ordered from the new site has gotten anything, and you won’t likely get anything for 3 months. But from what’s posted on their website, you should already be getting a pitcher and scoop with your first order, so I’d advise asking for a refund for that extra pitcher unless you want 2.


The starter kit will come with a pitcher, so as it stands you will be receiving two of them. If you want to get a refund for one, the easiest way that I know of is just to email them, which you’ve already did so you should be good I think.


Great, thanks guys! I’ll just ask for a refund then. I definitely don’t need a second pitcher.


Yeah, we will definitely get you refunded. My apologies in advance if it takes a few days to get back to you, we are pretty hammered with emails presently. Thanks for your support!


You might actually want to consider a second pitcher, so that when you use one up you don’t have to immediately wash it in order to refill it. We have two pitchers and it’s definitely helpful to have some overlap between them running dry.


@vanclute is right.

I actually bought the non-branded pitcher from Amazon for my DIY. I figure worst case I can have one in the fridge and the other in the dishwasher.


I ordered several myself, in hopes of putting them into the dishwasher and forgetting about them until it fills up with pitchers and glasses. Seemed easier than constantly needing to wash a pitcher.


I could see the usefulness of having a second one, but I really don’t have much issue with cleaning one right away once I’m done using it.


Yeah most of the time it’s not an issue for us either. But there are those occasions when I drain the pitcher at 11 or 12 at night just before I’m ready to collapse, and really don’t want to deal with making another batch of Soylent for the morning right then. At those times I’m immensely glad I mixed up two batches earlier. =)


Just when we thought that Soylent was the end of complaining about food preparation…

Haha, just giving you a hard time @vanclute. I watched a couple of videos of washing out the containers and prep, and your comment was the first thing that I thought of.


Hahaha indeed, there is always something to complain about isn’t there? Mostly it’s an issue when you’re just dead on your feet and even the 5 minutes (tops) to mix up a batch, just seems like too much. That’s only really happened once or twice for me, but for whatever reason I’m the “designated Soylent mixer” so I’m happy to have 2 batches made so that I can clean the pitcher on my terms. Which is, for me, what Soylent is all about… putting food on my terms. =)