#FREEUPYOURFRIDGE - 18 things that don't need to be refrigerated

In the spirit of doing more with less, here’s a video from CNET that lists off 18 items that don’t require refrigeration.

Enjoy your week you heathens.

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is there a list, i don’t watch videos online

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u got a fax #?


I’m good with smoke signals, and I’m about to light up a burn pile outside, actually. :]

PS: beer better not be on that list!

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From the video:

Peanut Butter
Hot Sauce
Uncut melons
non-nut oils
and a bunch of fruits and veggies (basically all the fruits and veggies you see in the supermarket which are not refrigerated - if they needed refrigeration, the supermarket would have them refrigerated)

For me, the interesting one is peanut butter - the primary reason for refrigeration is not to prevent spoilage, it’s to prevent the oil from separating out from the butter and rising to the top after you open it and start using it. I don’t mind stirring my peanut butter, and it’s much more spreadable when it’s room-temp. You have to be careful with some nut butters, though - if you go through them slowly, the oil can go rancid. Each time you open it, there’s a little more exposure to air, and that lets the lighter oils oxidize and become nasty-tasting.

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But none of this matters because we only use Soylent!

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I let my fruit finish ripening on the counter and then put them in the fridge to slow the process down. Avocados, for example, will get overripe in a couple of days on the counter but will last a week in the fridge :slight_smile: