Freeze Soylent for Storage?


So I’m just finishing Day 1.5 of official soylent (had a glass last night before letting it soak) and I can already tell it’s not going to work for me as a regular part of my diet. It’s just too high in carbs; it makes me feel sugared up and twitchy. But I do find it very palatable and I really like the idea of having it around for those times when I would otherwise default to basically junk food.

The problem is Soylent really needs to soak before you drink it (sooooo much better) so it’s not the kind of thing you can just mix up on an as needed basis.

So what if I mixed up a batch and froze it in individual serving sized ziplock bags? Has anyone tried freezing official Soylent? Does it hold up to thawing? Does anyone have an idea of how long it would be good in the freezer as opposed to the refrigerator?


It’ll freeze just fine. I’d recommend going 2 Soylent meals and 1 regular meal for 2 weeks before you decide on what effects it will have on your metabolism. 1.5 days isn’t going to be enough for your body to acclimate itself to changes in nutrition. Good luck!