Freezing point of Soylent


Has Rosa Labs released (or has anyone determined) the freezing point of Soylent 2.0? (or 1.5 for that matter?)

I would assume it would be lower than the 0° C (32° F) of water.


It’d be good to know the melting point too.


While we are at it, boiling point?



Also, at what temperature does it become a Bose-Einstein condensate?


You guys are tricky! :stuck_out_tongue:

I should have stated that I realize that the freezing (or melting, or boiling) temperature is also dependent on atmospheric pressure. (the 0° C I quoted above was at 1 standard atmospheric pressure)

(I have no idea if Bose-Einstein condensate temperature or the point at which it becomes plasma is also affected by pressure.)


Soylent quantum computer?


It’s only natural to feed an organic computer Soylent, right?


Has anyone tried freezing 2.0?
I’d be curious how long it takes to “thaw” to a nice chilled perfection at room temp? Maybe 1-2hrs? Enough time to last the commute to work? :smile:


I put a bottle in the freezer when it came in… and took it out now just for you. I had been waiting to take it while out and about at some point, but I’ve been curious too. I’ll report back.


At approximately 25 minutes at -5 degrees
The soylent 2.0 began to form an inch thick layer of “ice”.
[Transfered to a glass container for observation ]


Well, at one hour it was still a solid chunk of ice, now at just over two hours I can crush the sides a bit, but it’s still fairly solid, still no sloshing if shaken. This is while sitting in my kitchen sink, the house is about 75; I’d expect while out on a hot summer day it would be drinkable by now.

I think with the added strength of the particles in the ice this could become the new Project Soylent Habakkuk. :smiley:


Can you taste it when it’s about 1/4 to 1/2 melted and report on the taste? I’m curious whether it will melt uniformly or if it will separate as a result of the freezing/melting process. I know if you freeze and thaw milk it separates because the water melts relatively fast and leaves the milk solids all in one frozen chunk, so if you try pouring a glass before everything has fully thawed all you get is water.


It’s been two and a half hours, I’ve got sloshing; I’d say it’s about 15-20% melted, though I think crushing the sides at the two hour mark sped it up a bit. I took a pull and… it tastes like Soylent. There isn’t any noticeable separation at this point, I’ll try it periodically and let you know how it ends.


That’s what the cereal port is for.


Nice… Thanks for the data! Good to know it’s at least 2 hours…

Sometimes when I’m impatient I’ll put a freshly mixed Takeya 1.5 in the freezer for 45-60 min to accelerate the cooling (even though they say not to put it in the freezer). I usually set my cell phone timer to remind me to move it to the fridge but on occasion I have forgotten… One time it sat in the freezer for 3-4 hours and it had small frozen chunks in it for hours (in the fridge)… Shaking it sounded fine but when you poured some to drink there were little ice chunks in it… It may take more than 3 hours to get the ice out… although probably depends a lot on ambient temps.


I make my soylent with ice water, so it’s pretty much ready to go when made, though it still sits overnight mostly. There may be some small floaties if eaten straight away, but they don’t usually bother me, when they do I zap the pitcher with an immersion blender.

Alrighty then… at three and a half hours it was mostly thawed, but still with a core of ice about as wide as the opening that seemed to be > three inches long. This ice core broke up easily when shaken (mostly), the smaller ice flakes then dissolved into solution, periodic shaking broke up the remainder of the chunk. By the 4:20 mark 2.0 was completely thawed, but still chilled, while sitting in my home at ~75f.

The Soylent kept it’s flavor and consistency throughout as it thawed, with the exception of frozen flakes whenever it’s been shaken, once they thawed completely it was normal Soylent.


I’ve tried freezing 1.4, 1.5 and 2.0, but without a lot of success. The powdered versions seem to separate while freezing, so that I end up with a thick layer of more or less plain ice. Stirring it occasionally while it’s freezing helps with this, but I still get a lot of ice crystals in the frozen Soylent (I got this with 2.0 as well). I was hoping for something like one of those frozen chocolate malt cups or a Wendy’s frosty, but it just doesn’t get smooth like that when it’s frozen unfortunately.


I think to get that sort of consistency you need to stir it more or less constantly as it freezes (to inhibit the formation of large ice crystals), like an ice cream maker does. I have yet to actually try this since I don’t own an ice cream maker and I’m lazy, but it should be possible to use the bag method. I know it works because we made ice cream like that in, like, second grade. For some reason. Science!


Lazy Saturday golf tourney… frozen bottle thawed by hole 12 or so…

Finished the day out on the water…

Twas a beautiful day.


Looks refreshing and delicious.

What did you shoot?