Freezing point of Soylent

It was. We played a scramble (best ball), my team tied for second, then lost the draw to break the tie and took third… no prize for third, blah. I shot pretty good today, but am not a stellar player to begin with, just enjoy getting out there.

Sweet, I play a few times a year, but I am not good at all. (usually mid-80s) I just play for fun. I’ll have to take Soylent next time: that is a good idea.

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I put a bottle of 2.0 in the freezer and after about 15 minutes, it starts to form chunks of frozen drink which remind me of a Wendy’s frosty but without the same consistency. I mix a chocolate drink powder in mine that I got from a weight loss clinic. (You are supposed to mix it with water and it tastes like hot chocolate but without the guilt). I started mixing the powder in the 2.0 drink and it tastes like a frosty but in the way that the frosty melted and you are re-freezing it texture. Still quite tasty though.