Fried soylent expirement- failure


I decided to see if I could fry soylent like a crepes

I put a frying pan on the stove, added a bit of olive oil, and heated it on a medium setting

I then poured on enough soylent to cover the bottom of the pan

It took this much soylent, starting from the green cap

After a while, it started bubbling

however, as well as it looked up to now, it wasn’t setting. After a while, the bubbles started breaking open, and the entire soylent darkened, but it wasn’t becoming solid, like crepes would. It did thicken however.

I decided to switch tactics, and shoved all of the soylent into one blob

and after cooking that for a while, it browned up nicely

However, while the outside was nice and crisp, the inside was just gooey.

Didn’t work out. If this works, it needs a different approach; maybe use soylent with less water for a thicker batter. Maybe it needs an egg. This took too much time and was not very pleasant


Deep fry it! Soylent fritters sound delish.


I wonder if you used a small amount of flower Soylent might keep shape and rise slightly.


maybe. The cookie recipes didn’t need flour


From looking at your end result :slight_smile: conclusion would be to use less water indeed, and perhaps just a little more heat than medium? :smiley:


after I finish my current pitcher I’ll try making a 1:1 mixture and try again.


Pancakes are similar to waffles, normally the only difference is less oil in the pancakes.
Here’s a recipe for Soylent waffles that turns out pretty well, from what I’ve heard:

  • 1 c. Soylent powder blend
  • 3/4 c. milk
  • 2 tbsp oil blend
  • 1 egg.
    (Recipe adapted from box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix)


I am trying to find things that are as purely soylent as possible.


That may still be too much, start with less and you can always keep adding water if needed.


Try covering the pan while it cooks. That will trap more heat inside and might cook the inside of the crepe so it’s not so gooey. (Along with adding less water, as previously suggested.)


Just want to chime in that I tried making Soylent pancakes in a similar way and they ended up pretty nasty. The “batter” was not very liquidy, it was regular pancake consistency. I can’t see your pics at work but it sounds like from the comments that yours was too liquidy?


Yeah, that seems to have been part of the problem, at least.


Bumping this thread. I want to make soylent pancakes that are as pure soylent as possible… just tried with straight 1.3 mix with the normal amount of water and oil and it was a failure… had to basically boil off all the excess liquid, and the resulting “pancakes” were caramelized and super thin. I’m left wishing I had more baking-chemistry knowledge so I could determine how to do this with as little additional ingredients as possible. I foresee soylent-minimalism baking becoming an artform unto itself.


This thread reminds me of Sir Daniel Ryckert’s various insane food experiments:


Am I the only one who is disappointed that this thread wasn’t actually about consuming Soylent while being stoned?