Friendly poll/contest/guess. When will v1.5 come out?


Friendly poll/contest/guess. When will v1.5 come out?


April fifteenth…


I’m going to guess never and that on May 6th version 2.0 releases.



One of these days I’m gonna be right.


I think they might save the 2.0 label for when they make a solid version, so I’m gonna put my theoretical money on 1.5 shipping on April 10th.


Definitely April seventeenth!


It seems like it’s destined for a v1.1-level duration.


I’ve grown to like 1.4 so I’m going to say May 1st.

By the way, how much money it in the pool for this?


I think May 5th. With all the huge changes behind 1.4, I can’t see another iteration happening for another 2 months or so.


I think 2.0 will be when they start offering different formulas for male/female, age, etc.


I think that the reaction to 1.4 is so negative, modification will be faster, like 1 month after its release. That doesn’t imply that my opinion is negative – I will get a month’s worth in a few weeks but haven’t tried it yet.