From Amazon Prime Exclusive Deal

Prime Exclusive Deal

Soylent Coffiest Ready to
Drink Breakfast, 14 oz…

Starts at 9:54 a.m.


PT. Since the earliest deals start tonight, I assume this deal starts tomorrow. It’s near the top on the Prime Day page (for me), but there isn’t a price shown.

It looks like linking from here breaks it for some reason, but if you go to the Prime Day page is easy to find.

I was just about to post this same thing… I plan on grabbing some vanilla (I assume it will be on the deal as well since it’s just a “flavor” of coffiest…


Soylent Meal Replacement Drink, Cacao, 14 oz Bottles, Pack of 12
$39.00 Save 35%
Only with Alexa


The page is easy to find, but it doesn’t allow something as simple as searching upcoming deals. I will not click through 30 pages to see if a specific item will go on sale.

That drives me nuts.

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How do you go about getting this deal? I’ve never participated in Prime Day, but I have Prime (and Alexa).



I used my amazon shopping app with my android phone. You could also try telling alexa “tell me about alexa deals”

I find the interface a bit confusing :slight_smile:

So I read online somewhere to just say “Alexa, buy Soylent.”… so I did that and it worked. I guess you can only get 1 box at that price though?

I tried again and got the $39 price, so I guess one twelve-pack box is the limit for that price, yes.

Yeah, same. Oh well, good deal on a box :smiley: Thx.

Just try “Alexa, buy Soylent” as suggested. There are a number of different ways to order, and I didn’t find any that made you go thru 30 pages! That was last prime day!

How the heck are you guys getting the deal already? It isn’t supposed to start for like 8 hours…

Also what price did you end up paying?

Oh wait I see it’s an Alexa only thing… bummer.

OK WTF… the Prime Day deal no longer appears on Amazon even though it’s time isn’t here yet. I was all set to buy a bunch and now it’s gone… what gives??

It is there, in Prime Day Deals, Upcoming, Grocery.

Aha!! So it’s Amazon’s search that is broken. Interesting… if you navigate manually through all the deals you can find it, but not if you put “Soylent” in the search box. Thanks!


Well bummer, it’s Coffiest only (so no cafe vanilla) and I guess not surprisingly, only 1 box per customer. Ah well.

@soylent: Happy #PrimeDay , join in the fun with 30% off a case of Coffiest.

Just got the box of Coffiest for $17.30!

Order Summary
Item(s) Subtotal:
Shipping & Handling:
Lightning Deal:
Alexa Promo:

Total before tax:
Estimated tax to be collected:

Grand Total:

Too bad you can only get 1 box from these deals.

Wow Alexa users really get an insane deal… guess it eventually pays for itself!

Yeah this has been my first (cacao deal) and second (coffiest deal) time using it to order anything lol.

Anyways, please keep us informed of any other Soylent deals :smiley:

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