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It’s things like this that make me momentarily miss reddit. And then I remember how much frakking time vanished into that site. Maybe… maybe just a quick peek… just to see…


reddit is a horrible circlejerk
and these “big word puns” arent really funny


de gustibus non est disputandum…
(I happen to like puns - the more wordplay of any kind you can get into a comment, the better!)


whoa you can use a thesaurus and google translate

it takes like 2 minutes to make your post grammatically correct/verbose this is the future


No, it doesn’t - if you’ve acquired the apposite experience, it is facile to make your scrivenings coruscate with novel vocabulary, with infinitesimal temporal suspension of post submission.

Seriously, I didn’t use any form of translator or thesaurus to get the Latin quote - it’s common enough to be practically English, albeit of the highfalutin’ variety. This is just how I write, much as “it takes like 2 minutes to make your post grammatically correct/verbose this is the future” is how you write. (For more on why you think it takes me two minutes to make my post grammatically correct, see LessWrong on the Typical Mind Fallacy - fascinating stuff!)


communication exists to transfer info

if you want to make art with your words write poetry or a novel


How do you know I’m not?
Also, communication doesn’t only exist to transfer information. Otherwise, we just wouldn’t talk to each other - in my experience, most of what most people say is a kind of conversational filler - and your post would look more like “comms is to transfer inf; art w/ words = poetry/novel”. Part of the art of communication is to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to get the information - and for my part, it’s simply easier to read “proper” text than shortened text.


the filler shouldnt be the majority of the message it should add to the general flow of the sentence


I mean this kindly, @bingHELP : don’t take yourself so seriously. Let us have our fun in discourse. Communication is all fine and dandy, but many of us enjoy seeing something done with sincere enjoyment and/or flair. Don’t let yourself get frustrated by the meaningless chatter. Your clarity and terseness are not mutually exclusive of other people’s verbosity. Part of civil discussion is acceding the rights of style. There’s plenty of room for Strunk and White in professional communication. For back and forth between individuals on the internet, expecting “proper” communications" is just going to drive you mad. (I did that last bit on purpose.)


this thread started with something from memegenerator what did you expect bby


[quote=“bingHELP, post:11, topic:4561, full:true”]what did you expect bby

Well, I was expecting something other than the Bambari Airport in the Central African Republic. :confused:


Girls, you’re both pretty. Can I go home now?


@bingHELP This may be of interest to you.


dont post a bitly link with a message like that i thought i would have my identity stolen there

also lmgtfy isnt clever anymore


…and yet you clicked it anyway? xD


torbrowser bae u cant steal what i dont have

also really, ellipses and XD
what is this deviantart


No, d00d, th1s is teh interwebs. Welcome to da tubes! :smiley:
Here’s a turtle with a cactus. :cactus: :turtle:

Also, hipsters suck.


OBEY THE CACTUS TURTLE XD :cactus: :turtle:


Don’t trust Tor for vital things - I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the NSA ran all the exit nodes. (Also, if you’re using Tor to log in to anything, you’re using it wrongly; for instance, this very website refuses HTTPS connections.)