From where does the starter kit ship?


I signed up for FedEx Delivery Manager. I just received a notice that there is a package shipping today (Wednesday), expected to arrive on Friday.

This package is shipping from a suburb of Reno, NV. The email came out this evening, which is when FedEx probably scanned it in. I live near Cleveland, OH. So if this sucker is coming ground, that driver is NOT stopping AT ALL.

I ordered a 3TB hard drive from Amazon. While I normally receive my Prime packages UPS, I do receive maybe one in ten FedEx. It is curious that this package will arrive on the same date of a Prime delivery, but I have never seen an Amazon package come from Reno, although the service type is “FedEx 2Day” which agrees with my Prime membership.

The FedEx site says nothing about who is shipping it. It says nothing about Amazon or Rosa Labs. Just that it is four pounds and headed my way. Which could be a start kit with packing material in a box, or a hard drive with the cables I ordered with it.

Can anyone help solve the mystery? Do the start kits ship from Fernley, NV? Is the end of my weight (seewhatididthere) finally in sight?


I’ve had lots of Amazon stuff from Fernley.


Pretty sure that’s not the starter kit, I don’t think it was 4 pounds… though I didn’t weight mine before opening.


Nope, not 4lbs and it came from somewhere else in CA, unfortunately I cannot remember the name.


Thanks, guys. Most of my Amazon shipments come from Kentucky, sometimes from the east coast. Either way, a day’s drive from Ohio.

Maybe their hard drive supply is in suburban Reno?

Looks like I have several more weeks until this backer receives his month of Soylent :frowning:


I live in Reno. I can’t tell how nice it is to get stuff from Amazon next-day even when I don’t pay for!


Amazon does this a lot these days… I’m in Silicon Valley and frequently get stuff next day, it’s nuts. They’re even moving towards same day for an extra fee. I suspect eventually that will be normal once they scale up their centralized warehouses everywhere. Pretty crazy…


As far as where they actually do ship from,

It’s probably safe to assume the kits probably ship from also there, or nearby. :stuck_out_tongue:

[context - there was some disruption to shipping from southern California, people were wondering if it was related to anything]