Front page pic meanings

What is the (hidden?) meaning of the pics on the front page of
Yes, I realize this thread is pointless…but, I could argue it is no more pointless than several other threads.


Soylent 2.0 goes well with strawberries, apparently? Kind of like strawberries and cream?


Soylent can be used to grow plants.


If you are in front of a mountain, you should close your eyes while drinking Soylent.


Soylent hydrates you best if you are working out near a body of water with a very large fountain shooting into the air.


Soylent can be used to glue together craft projects.


If all else fails, you can use Soylent to bathe with.


Someone was actually suggesting bathing in it on the forums.

This thread was not pointless. I laughed. Humor is one of the highest virtues of society! On par with knowledge, though the academics will vehemently disagree.


No, pointless would be yet another thread on Soylent’s price.


For the powdered pics:

Soylent can help your relationship.


You should be sure to have one fruit of every color.


If you are sitting on a bench, make sure to close your eyes.


Soylent: Cold brewed in the Rockies for that crisp, clean taste.


Glad you liked them! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha. I just posted something similar. Soooo funny.

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Drinking Soylent is like sneezing: you can’t keep your eyes open while drinking Soylent.


Anyone else see this image on the Drink homepage? Ha!!

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I think this guy is just really into the convenience aspect of Soylent, and can’t quite believe that he still has to do the grunt work of getting it into his mouth.

I mean it’s 2015. Where the f— is my goddamned intravenous Soylent drip.

Or I guess it’s a shot back at the folks complaining about the price. Solyent is intended for people so cashed up that they can just pour it down themselves for fun.


I find that a little disgusting, actually :-X

  1. More healthy than fruits.

  2. Liquid soylent is to us what water is to plants.

  3. Drinking liquid soylent captivates you so much that you even ignore a beautiful scenery in front of you?

  4. Drinking soylent keeps you hydrated enough even in drier climes (the scene looks in its an arid setting) that you dont have to go near a water fountain to cool off?

  5. 2.0 helps you concentrate better when doing craft projects?

  6. Its so tasty that you feel like gulping it down so fast that you wont even care if its spilling all over your face?