Frozen Soylent Surprise( amorphous blob... thing. Pictures!)


So. I stuck some Soylent in a bottle to chill before heading to a party yesterday. Forgot to grab it before I left. Come home, opened the bottle to this:

The bottle was vertical in the freezer the entire time. Not lying on its side, not angled or moved in any way. The anomaly does not line up with any opening on the lid. I’m sure there is some kind of scientific fluid-freezing-dynamic explanation for this. Or, @rob has engineered life.

Edit: Close-ups


My GOD! I see it! I see it! St. Blaise the Patron Saint of Throat Ailments, Veterinarians, and Wild Animals. Right there!

Oh hallowed frozen goo…



That’s… strange… Maybe it was a bubble that was slowly rising up, is it hollow or full?

Also, how does Soylent taste after it has been frozen? Any difference?


Aww! Poor thing tried to escape, but you thwarted that!

FYI: The Blob can be, and has been, stopped by cold before. Fire extinguishers (the CO2 variety) seem to do the trick nicely.


It froze from the outside in. As the outside froze it expanded and pushed the center up, freezing the whole way.

Neat trick, freeze as pure a water (use our zero water pitcher) as you can in an ice tray in a freezer with no air movement and you’ll find the ice as it freezes will create little ice spikes, some getting quite long. You can google ice cube spikes for some cool pictures of it.


Or … It’s ALIVE!




No, No, No, you’re all wrong.

On a serious note, I agree with @trav012000’s explanation.


Yeah, that is what I thought about too

It seems likely a similar phenomena caused it.


Yeah… I was pretty sure there was an outside-in-freezing-expansion sort of thing going on when I saw it.

Still. I guess Soylent has a considerable expansion rate when frozen. Good thing to keep in mind.

also, to @Benji, I actually haven’t thawed it yet, but I’ve put Soylent in the freezer long enough to get a little slush before, and it wasn’t really a noticeable difference.