Frozen Soylent?


I put a bottle full of Soylent in the freezer to get it really cold…and forgot about it. Now it’s frozen. Will it affect the nutritional qualities? I don’t mind eating it like a popcicle.


As I understand, freezing preserves nutritional value quite well. Except thawing may cause some loss of vitamin C, but that is not confirmed.


I in (unqualified) agreement. Cold preserves. Heat changes.


I’m eating with a spoon. It’s like a Soylent flavored fudgecicle. I like it.


So it does not completely turn to ice?


If you mean does the Soylent completely freeze, the answer is yes, it does.

Problem I’ve run into is that if you simply put a serving into the freezer and leave it there (e.g., overnight), it separates prior to freezing, so you end up with a thick layer of barely flavored ice and a thicker lower layer of frozen Soylent. I’m experimenting with ways to avoid this – e.g., giving it a stir or a shake every hour or so while it’s freezing. A little more work, but it should make for a tastier outcome.


Hmm, toss it into an ice cream machine and let it stir until it’s frozen. Should make a nice creamy ice cream.


Actually, since I froze mine accidentally, I did not do anything to it and it froze uniformly without any separation. It froze completely, but then began to thaw somewhat quickly at room temperature with a small heater going in my office. Then I was able to eat it with a spoon like one would eat Italian ice. It kind of continues to thaw as you eat it becoming part milky slush and it was really good!


Awesome, plan to try it eventually.