Frustrations with nutrition advice


Let me start by saying, I love Soylent. I think it’s a great product and definitely ‘on the right track’. I was on a very high percentage Soylent diet for a while, and it was working very well for me (good energy, naturally achieved good caloric intake — stabilized at about 1600 calories per day, right where my doctor recommended before my doctor recommended it).

Then…I got a kidney stone. Now, I don’t blame Soylent. I blame myself. I did a dumb thing and it had consequences (wasn’t drinking enough water). Now unfortunately everyone in my life is bashing Soylent as the ‘cause’ of the trouble. My wife is worried, my in laws are worried, and my doctor isn’t helping matters much.

While I’d like to continue on a high Soylent diet, (1) Soylent isn’t available in Canada anymore (2) it really does worry my wife. This has left me trying to replicate my success on Soylent without using Soylent.

To do this, I’ve been diving in to the murky waters of ‘nutrition’. What I need to ‘hack’ my behavior patterns is very specific dietary recommendations. (Eat x every day to meet your needs). What I’m finding instead, which I know isn’t going to work for me, is ‘eat ‘more’ x’ (where x is fruits, veggies, protein, fat, Whole Foods, raw foods etc. depending on who is giving the advice). And eat less ‘y’. I know this isn’t going to work for me, and no one seems to get it… I can not find a single ‘balanced’ meal plan out there…


I am sorry for your stone, and I speak from experience in that it is the single most painful experience of my life and that includes when I broke my back. I have a history of stones and yes, the first thing on my list of things to do is drink water…every day no matter what. I have had 3 stones so far and don’t want a 4th. The first 2 I got were before I had ever even heard of Soylent so no correlation. The fact you got a stone may or not be related as well, however, it is all moot because from what I see you live in Canada where you cannot get Soylent anyways. I am a current soylenter but only for 2 out of 3 meals, my third meal is a nutritionally complete meal (most times) and I am not a nutritionist so I have to get my suggestions from other places. I usually start here because they have great recipes and I always enjoy the clips. I hope you find what works for you and maybe Soylent will come back to Canada and you will be able to continue what had worked for you in the past.


That sounds very painful! For a balanced diet I highly recommend a whole food plant based diet. There are man studies that this is the best diet for human health. Look into “the starch solution” by Dr. John McDougall. The man is a plant based doctor and has healed thousands of people! Another book I recommend is “The China Study.”


I live in Canada (Toronto area) and my daughter still uses Soylent. We place an order every 6 months or so and have it shipped to a “dropbox” address in Niagara Falls, then drive down and bring it across the border ourselves. So depending on distance to the border this may or may not be an option for others.