Full blood panel after ~2 months of mostly Soylent


Created a reddit thread for this, so I’ll just link that: http://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/comments/2kt6ut/i_got_a_full_blood_panel_of_all_major_biometrics/

As you can see, pretty much everything is good! The only thing that I’m even slightly worried about would be that my HDL dropped substantially and my triglycerides rose a bit, but besides that I’m pretty much perfect across the board!
I was extra interested in the bottom section as well. I knew Soylent may be nutritionally balanced, but was wondering if it would effect any sort of organ function. Looks like all of that is largely unchanged.


Could you tell me the service you used? I like that interface.
I’ve used health one labs before, but their security (cyber) is atrocious


Thanks for this! I’m extra excited to mix up tonight’s batch now :slight_smile:


It’s actually through our work benefits program. We get money off our monthly premiums if we score well (I did!). The company that runs it is HealthCheck360.


What oil did you use with soylent (or what oil did it come with that you used?) Also why the screen name ‘he is my possum’?:slight_smile:

And your LDL rose too not just triglycerides. HDL dropping and LDL rising is considered worrisome by doctors, not just triglycerides rising. I am not sure fasting raises LDL or decreases HDL. Does anybody have more info on this? Also for how many meals in the day were you on soylent? And were you eating anything else and not just soylent? Or did you add anything to soylent while consuming it?

Also were you on DIY soylent or soylent from rosa labs? Sorry if it isnt obvious for me.

Too many questions i know…its your HDL/LDL results that are making me curious :slight_smile:


I believe there may be a stronger relationship between exercise and HDL and LDL levels than there is with diet.

So, let me add another question to the interrogation. How much vigorous activity do you do? Vigorous, as in, gets the heart rate up and gets the cardiovascular system going.


and changes in said vigorous activity before and after.


Here is why I never go to reddit: I read your thread there, and it starts with “As you can see, pretty much everything is good!”, but no, I can’t see. All I see is that text with responses below. Where is the actual content on that stupid site?


If you click on his message on reddit, it will take you to it.


I noticed this too, but the change in LDL is hardly appreciable. The levels should still ideally be lower, but at least Soylent didn’t cause them to spike compared to a (presumably) normal diet. The drop of HDL on the other hand is a little concerning, though I’d wager it would take a very small change to get that back on track.


How did you come to this conclusion? I am just curious.


His panel showed his 2013 results as well as this year’s; the difference was nominal (though high). I’m making the assumption that his diet before Soylent was something that people would consider “normal,” though obviously “normal” in the realm of western diets could be pretty much anything.


I meant to ask how can it be concluded for sure that soylent dint cause them to spike compared to his previous diet? Didnt his LDL increase after he went on soylent from his previous diet?


I’m using the Rosa Labs official Soylent. Just used the fish/canola oil blend that it came with.

As for the screen name, it’s from a LONG time ago back in 5th grade. I was talking with friends over lunch, and we were talking about our posse. I turned to my best friend, and said “He is my posse”. He thought I said “Possum”. Voila.

I’m not sure whether it’s JUST Soylent or something else. All-in-all, nothing is too far off. I’ll have to wait until next year… then it’ll be a full year of results!

However, my roommate, who is also on Soylent, will also be getting results. He’s a private person so I doubt he’ll post his results, but I’ll see if he had the same results.


Sadly, hardly any before the screening. I have started to pick up my drumset again. I certainly get quite sweaty playing that :slight_smile:



LDL can fluctuate within about 10% (probably not the best source but I’m feeling lazy) on a monthly basis based purely on metabolism. In this case, his LDL only increased by 3% of last year’s, well within the bounds of normal fluctuation. So while Soylent is probably at least partly responsible for the high levels (depending on what the rest of his diet has been). He’s really about on par with his previous diet.

Additionally, even though his cholesterol isn’t perfect, a glance at the Mayo Clinic’s reference says he’s actually in pretty good shape:
Danny’s total cholesterol is 171mg/dl, which is higher than it could be but is nicely below the “desirable” range of 200mg/dl (above which is borderline-to-high), and his LDL is right at 100mg/dl, which is a little high if he’s at risk of heart disease but which is “near ideal” if he is not.

Where he’s really suffering here is his HDL, which have dropped from his previous levels - comfortably in the green - to more of a mid range. However, this can be corrected.


I think it’s not that Soylent didn’t cause it, it’s that they didn’t “spike”. Going up 3 mg is hardly a rise. He meant they didn’t “spike” by going up a whole bunch in one year.


Yeah, that :slight_smile:

What does the non-Soylent part of your diet mostly consist of? If that’s not too personal or nebulous a question to ask, I mean.


Yeah no problem. As a general comment, I mean I posted my full blood panel. That’s pretty personal haha so I don’t mind answering any of these questions. This is the kind of discussion I was going for.

Normally any non-soylent meals are one of a couple of things:

  1. Pasta. I love pasta, and make it on rare occasion. Probably once every two weeks if that (but it lasts for 2 meals).

  2. Going out to eat at restaurants - More of a social function. My parents will go out to eat and I’ll join them, or the GF wants to have a date night. I basically don’t order any “crappy” food though. I just don’t like fried stuff anymore. Usually I go for something really tasty, like a nice burger or steak. Occasionally seafood.

  3. My kryptonite: Burritos. I love burritos so much. We don’t have Chipotle nearby, but we have Pancheros. I limit these to one a week at absolute most. Probably closer to 3 per month or so.

  4. Random cravings. I let my body kind of dictate what it wants sometimes. I opened up the fridge last night and saw eggs and was like, “Yes. Eggs.” So I made 6 eggs for dinner. I saw peanut butter and was like, “Yes. Peanut Butter.” So I put it on the eggs and made them together. It was really good. I’m assuming my body was low in something that eggs/pb contain, so they just sounded really good.

  5. Breakfast - Again, kind of a weak spot, but every weekday at work I have a can of Mountain Dew and a Nature Valley Bar. It’s kind of my one “cheat” in the day. I know it’s not great for me, but it gets me through breakfast.

So my “normal” day is 1 can of mountain dew, 1 nature valley bar, and 2 meals of Soylent. I’m not particularly active and I’m small, so I don’t need the full 2,000 calories. It comes out to roughly 1,600 calories a day.