Full fat peanut flour - does anyone know a good source?

I’m looking for a powdered fat source which isn’t oil + maltodextrin as those seem too expensive. Most peanut flours seem to be reduced fat which is not what I’m looking for. I’ve seen a company called Byrd Mill which sells some but their website looks a little dodgy and I’m looking for a more reputable source and better price.


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If you are unable to find any reliable peanut flours, look into either milk powder (if you’re non-vegan) or high oil content coconut milk powder. If you don’t find many results for the coconut milk powder, add in ‘65% oil’ to the search term. Most of these may contain a small amount of caseinate (a milk product), so if you’re vegan pay particularly close attention to the ingredients. They may also contain a small amount of maltodextrin, but not much at all generally. If you do get high oil coconut milk powder, it will clump a lot if not mixed with something else, so assuming you’re making a DIY preparation, mix the powder until it’s homogeneous before adding any liquid. Good luck finding peanut flour though :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! That’s actually a really great idea… casein is a no-go for me but there seem to be plenty of places selling it without that.

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No worries at all, it may be worth a try, glad to help :slight_smile:

Would it even be possible to create full-fat peanut flour? If you powder peanuts without taking out the oil first, it would be all gummy. In other words, it would be peanut butter, not peanut flour.

I can confirm that peanuts quite readily turn into peanut butter, but I’ve never tried adding maltodextrin to powder it. Apparently it’s as simple as that.


There is a certain algae provider currently in great need of a customer.

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Interesting idea with the maltodextrin peanut butter I may give that a try

And I would love to get my hands on some of the algal lipid powder but they don’t sell it directly… I never had a problem digesting it in 1.6

They sell algal oil under the Thrive brand, but last I checked it was pretty expensive. Plus you’d need to powder that yourself too.

I was able to get some when testing it for a future product release for my company (from their UK sister company) but they never asked for any proof of it being for commercial purposes. MOQ is 25kg though, which may be a fair bit too much for individual use. They’d send you a sample though if you asked, though that wouldn’t last much longer than a month (mine was 250g of flour and 250g of protein).

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Actually the byrd mill stuff is great, and it’s what I’m using in the “Chocolate Peanut Butter” version of Keto Chow: https://diy.soylent.com/recipes/keto-chow-104-chocolate-peanut-butter

The 28% fat is the highest fat content one I ever found, it gives it a stronger peanut flavor too. If you get to the point that you’re using more than 5 lbs of peanut flour frequently, you can order it from the place that Byrd mill gets it from: Golden Peanut. Minimum order is a single 50lb bag.