Full Nutrient Data for Oat Flour


I e-mailed Bob’s Red Mill and they sent me this (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7ZQ78jMvjQDRmsxbV96QnU3U28/edit?usp=sharing) sheet with the full nutritional information for their gluten free oat flour. I imagine it is comparable to other products.


Nice! I just ordered stuff for my first batch but avoided oat because I wasn’t able to find more exact values. Will take a look at this and maybe incorporate it soon.


Do you know where to find data on the bioavailability of these nutrients in oat flour? I’ve been reading that phytic acid in the oats interferes with absorption, etc.


Just one more reason Bob’s Red Mill is awesome = )

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Thanks a ton for this! :smiley:

Now I wonder if anyone could get the Amino Acid profile for it? I’m wondering if letting it provide about half of the needed Protein, and the other half covered by Soy, would make a complete protein in this situation:


Here’s a paper with some measurements of the amino acids in oat flour:

Dorota Litwinek, et al. “Aminoacids composition in wheat and oat flours used in breads production.” Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Food Sciences 2013:2.

They express all the numbers “relatively”. I’m not sure how to translate them into how much would you get if you poured 100 g of it into some water and drank it. If you can figure it out, please post.

Possible clue: Some of the results (Table 6) are expressed in terms of Chemical Score (CS) and Essential Amino Acid Index (EAAI), which they say are defined in this document: “Protein and Amino Acid Requirements in Human Nutrition,” World Health Organization (2007). I haven’t been able to find the definitions, though.