Full recipe with breakdown and sources, in new recipe building app for your review!


Just purchased my first batch of ingredients for my Soylent recipe to be delivered to Melbourne, Australia.

The challenge of finding sources that ship here required a lot of playing around and working with alternatives so in the process of creating my recipe (inspired by a lot of recipes in this forum) I’ve built a small app to help me plan and price different sources of nutrients.

I also practice Leangains, so I wanted a tool to let me quickly try different macros (macronutrient breakdown) for the recipe.

The app is very ‘alpha’ (you can’t really save a recipe after modifying it) but you can check out and play with the recipe with ingredient sources.

It is essentially like a spreadsheet, except that there is unit validation (can’t accidentally mess up converting from fluid oz to oz, or millilitres to grams, etc.) and you can quickly add rows from pre-existing ingredients. Also you can pick from multiple sources for each ingredient.

It will also indicate if your nutrient breakdown is far off the recommendation.

Check it out at http://soylent-mk.herokuapp.com/
(Expect it to load slowly, but after that it is pretty quick)

I’d love some feedback about the recipe itself and about the usability of the app.


Which is the best spreadsheet to use?

very cool but a bit slow running through my browser. Can you upload it to github or post the code online somewhere?


It works best in Chrome currently as it uses a lot of client-side Javascript to make the updates happen automatically.

Source is available on github: http://github.com/redbeard/soylent


Just to be clear because of some messages I received-- the macros that appear by default are for me based on my diet.

You can fit it to you by entering how many calories you need, how many grams of carbs and protein etc.


This is awesome!

Thank you so much from all the Aussies who have been struggling with getting these ingredients, and for the amazing work on the recipe builder.

The app is great! I would recommend that people go to www.iifym.com and use the available calculators to work out their caloric requirements (maintain, bulk, cut) to give them a better idea of how much of what they need when using your app.

Question on your recipe. I notice you haven’t included any Maltodextrin at all. Is this a conscious decision, or an oversight?



@cal_hassall: I get insulin resistant very quickly, so I prefer having a lower GI form of carbohydrates for my recipe.

I also practice intermittent fasting, which in my case means I only eat from about lunch time-- I’d rather have ‘slow burning’ carbs in my system from the night before, rather than rely on the quick energy of Maltodextrin.

Keen to hear your thoughts!


@rotbart Fair enough. I recently came off IF, but I may head back in that direction for cutting purposes later on.

I did manage to find some WPI that is a little bit cheaper than Bulk Nutrients.

Considering that the bulk of the cost of Soylent is WPI (for Australians that is), any saving is a saving.


@cal_hassall- nice work on the WPI, I’ll have a look! Thanks!


Looking at that ebay supplier for WPI the protein is ever so slightly less but it also contains calcium, iron and potassium that the bulk nutrients one doesn’t list.

Also it’s a considerable saving ($21.94/kg vs $24.90/kg) which based on my recipe which is slightly less WPI than rotbarts recipe is a saving of roughly $20/month. Obviously higher protein recipies will save a little more.

Rotbart I’m trying to add a new ingredient/modify existing ones on your app but not having much luck =/


@G_Force: You should be able to add ingredients that are in the database already, adding completely new ingredients is not available yet- next version!


I love the project and am very tempted to contribute were I not engaged in other development work. Are you open to feature requests?


Looks interesting. Thanks for putting this together.

I’m still kinda lost looking at these tools, but I’m just getting started researching making my own soylent. I also couldn’t go to the “products” link at the top or figure out how to add more ingredients. Also, some color coding would be nice, I’m assuming red is low, yellow is close, and green is good?


@rotbart, i may be completely dumb on this, but, what does it mean a column flags red? does it mean over or under? does it flag toxic?


@thinkingsites: Feature request are welcome, pull requests on github are even more welcome! :wink:

@TheRosskonian: The ingredient management is coming, I’m working on this in my spare time…

@learnboy: Red means ‘watch out - far from recommended level’, yellow means ‘warning - not at recommended level’. I’ll be adding clearer warnings as well as toxicity warnings in the future. My default recipe marks ‘watch out’ on sodium as it is far from @rob’s recommendation even though it is well within RDI (both U.S. and Australian RDIs)


thanks, @rotbart.

i noticed you have both optimen and calcium/magnesium. this puts a calcium total at 1.2g as opposed to 1g (acceptable, as you seem to lift weights and extra calcium is recommended for those doing so),


your magnesium is at 600mg as opposed to 400mg, rob stating that magnesium overdosing, while not toxic, is unpleasant. thoughts?

also, why inositol?

(and last one, i think i understand everything else—why monosodium phosphate?)


Hey @learnboy,

I really appreciate you taking the time to dive deeper into the recipe, and your comments.

The level of magnesium is still well within safe range, and the pills were the easiest way of getting both Calcium and Magnesium. Most of the recommendations recommend up to 350mg of Magnesium supplementation, this is beyond what is in your food. If I feel arrhythmia or any related symptoms I will reduce the Magnesium intake.

Inositol (and Choline) have come from comments on this forum and on @rob’s blog. Inositol has been shown to have a positive effect on insulin resistance which I am prone to. See the wikipedia article, it is quite interesting.

MSP is for its phosphorus contents, 1000mg is the RDI for Phosphorus.


I’ve decided to update the recipe with @learnboy’s feedback – slightly less Magnesium at the cost of slightly less Calcium.

Also added a source of Lithium in response to another discussion.

Updated at http://soylent-mk.herokuapp.com


great job, rotbart. this certainly has potential. some ideas:

  1. different lists of nutrient recommendations. so if someone comes up with a different list from rob’s, they could add it to the database and people could choose that instead
  2. a graph of trusted contributors to the products database; so that everyone could be allowed to add new products, and people making recipes could decide whom to trust (and the ones they trust would also be automatically trusted as well).
  3. tagging products with availability in countries. so that you would only see products tagged as available in australia. (only the ones with reasonably low shipping costs should be tagged as available)
  4. might be possible to automatically generate a recipe based on country and desired nutrients. :smile:


@rotbart, why do you have 9 mg of iron 18 mg as recommended by many sources?


@learnboy: I have 18mg of Iron in my recipe because of @Rob’s recommendation in the “What’s in Soylent” blog post.