Full serving of protein at each meal helps one achieve maximum muscle health


Full serving of protein at each meal helps one achieve maximum muscle health

I saw this article and thought it was relevant. With Soylent you would be getting an even distribution of protein through out the day.

This research shows that the typical cereal or carbohydrate-dominated breakfast, a sandwich or salad at lunch and overly large serving of meat/protein for dinner may not provide the best metabolic environment to promote healthy aging and maintenance of muscle size and strength.

The new study, now online in press in the Journal of Nutrition, shows that the potential for muscle growth is less than optimal when protein consumption is skewed toward the evening meal instead of being evenly distributed throughout the day.

When study volunteers consumed the evenly distributed protein meals, their 24-hour muscle protein synthesis was 25 percent greater than subjects who ate according to the skewed protein distribution pattern.

Do this, and over the course of the day you will likely spend much more time synthesizing muscle protein.


Sounds promising, especially for us folks that would like to gain a little muscle. :smile:


Makes sense. Perhaps a slightly uneven distribution would be best, perhaps not. But front-loading certain types of calories seems counter-intuitive.

Think about the common idea that if you lift, you tear your muscles just a little bit, and protein helps rebuild them bigger, stronger. Do you think that rebuilding happens immediately after a workout? During sleep? Some other time? No, your cells are constantly rebuilding both to recover from working out and the entropy that is aging and life in general.

While totally unscientific, it makes sense to me that a common baseline should be the consumption of everything you need in a day in equal quantities throughout. Maybe science will show that for certain lifestyle types that moving more of a particular macronutrient to a particular time of day will help. Maybe not. But I would start with the evenness that is Soylent.

Personally, I feel great on Soylent with a steady, balanced stream of nutrients entering my piehole. Better than the crap I was eating.


^^^^ THAT!!! LOL