Fully Funded! Congratulations


Congratulations Rob and company! I think this is the start of something big and I wish you guys the best of luck. Looking forward to my shipment in August!


I wonder if funding being done so quickly will mean that it will ship before August…


Soylent FTW !!! Waiting for the Europe shipment ASAP !


Considering how explosive this proved to be, Kickstarter must be kicking themselves.


Holy crap. That’s phenomenal. I only got the email about the campaign going live two hours ago.


What happens if I give money and I’m from europe, do I still get soylent but later or never?


Unlikely, that would be like Kinko’s (a photo copy business) kicking themselves for not picking up somebody’s successful T-shirt line.

Kickstarter denied Soylent as it is outside what kickstarter encompasses, not because they thought it would be unsuccessful.


I’m wondering this too (stupid forum that doesn’t let me say just “+1”)


It’s already been answered here: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/so-i-donate/2816/14