Fully paid subscription is still "preparing for shipment" after NINE days!

I am incredibly unsatisfied because NOTHING has been done to address my issue after starting multiple support tickets and communicating with the RL “Community Manager” on reddit.

I have been a happy subscriber for 9 months (#2slhRVReP8pp7zgyYs) but now I have a subscription order for v1.5 (#283620) that is still “preparing for shipment” NINE days after the order was placed and PAID FOR!

I have communicated with your Community Manager (Conor?) who claimed that he escalated a ticket on this issue to your Logistics Manager but he has not provided a ticket number (as I requested) so I have no way of following up on it.

I insist that someone take care of this immediately! What the hell is going on with you people? You only have two products but seem unwilling or unable to ship one of them to a customer with a 9-month subscription history.

It’s only made worse seeing people on reddit rave about their newly delivered soylent 1.5 that MUST have shipped during the same time frame!


Holy Crap! Nine whole days! Heaven forbid!

I like how people’s expectations have changed since the days of having orders backordered for months and months.

I do think they are doing an audit right now, which might be causing a delay, as indicated by this post a few days ago:

Other than that, info@soylent.com is probably your best bet for customer service.



Yes, I am. I am also HUNGRY since I have relied on Soylent for 80-90% of my nutrition for 9 months.

They have been telling that inventory audit story of 10 days now and I didn’t believe it the first time. Modern companies with only two products should be able to generate an accurate inventory by printing a report, not physically counting boxes. No company should let a physical inventory prevent shipment on PAID orders. Are they counting every oat grain?

During my 9 month subscription the longest any delivery ever took was 6 days. I did not start complaining until day 7 of “preparing for shipment” purgatory.

Why not?

You obviously have never worked in inventory controls of any kind. There are a myriad of things that can throw inventory off and necessitate a physical counting of products. Also, you have to protect against “shrinkage”. (a nice way to say theft) Also, other things like owners wanting to be sure how much actual inventory (= $$) is on hand, not just what a database tells you should be there. (which is almost always wrong)

I have absolutely no idea how much they sell or how much inventory they keep on hand, so I couldn’t speak to how long it should take. I’ll grant you, if it it truly has been 10 days (have no idea if that is accurate), then that seems a bit long.

Yes, that is the point of doing inventory. Nothing can go in or out of the area being inventoried while it is being conducted. It is effectively a closed system.

No. They are counting units, however they define them.

They likely do inventory once a year, so 9 months has not been long enough for another inventory cycle.

Again, I agree that if you are correct about the 10 days, that seems like a long time unless there were significant unforeseen issues that they ran into.

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Tagging @Conor to see if he can offer any insights.

Also, you can PM @Conor by clicking on his name in this sentence and then clicking “Message” in the box that pops up. He might be able to help or at least pass along your info to the customer service people.

I have decades of experience in inventory control, logistics, fulfillment and customer facing support of same. I know exactly what I am talking about when I say the “inventory audit” excuse is either misinformation or mismanagement or both.

A common process to allow shipping during an inventory is to set aside X number of units of each product that are used to fulfill orders and whatever is left over is counted last. Of course, this works best when an inventory isn’t conducted over a 10 day period…

Besides my own knowledge, my best evidence is dozens of reddit posters* who have recieved v1.5 shipments (both subscriptions and one-offs) during this exact period.

Secondary evidence is the obviously canned response email that still mentions “the holidays” as an excuse for reduced customer service. Do they consider “No Pants Day” a holiday?

*I wouldn’t believe 1 or 4 redditers but I have to accept the sheer number of posts that are out there.

Thank you but @Conor has been aware of my problem (and growing anger) for several days. He claims to have escalated a ticket to the Logistics Manager but has not provided me with a ticket number for followup.

Obviously yes.

Is nothing sacred anymore?

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HUZZAH! My problem appears to have been solved!

10 minutes ago I received a “Soylent Shipping Notification” with expected delivery between the 25th and 29th.

The only mystery left is the mechanism by which this solution emerged:

  1. Between the 18th and the 22nd I started at least 5 support tickets. No resolution on any of them except canned responses and “are you satisfied with our support” queries.

  2. During this same period I posted on r/soylent and spammed other posts trying to draw attention to my issue. @conor took issue with this and may have made some effort to help me.

  3. On the 22nd I posted to discourse.soylent and got exactly two responses from non-RL users.

  4. On the 22nd I PM’ed Rob Rinehart on discourse.soylent and my product shipping notification arrived in 40 minutes.

Applying Occam’s razor might indicate that responsive support from RL can only be achieved by appealing to the very top of the powdered food chain. Can this be true?

Either way, I will take what I can get and I am immensely relieved that I can soon resume my happy study of Soylentology! Whoever cleared the logjam has my deep thanks.