Fun Experiments with Soylent or Shower Thoughts


Question: How to determine how long it takes for Soylent to complete its journey through your body. Does gender or age matter?
Answer: Add food coloring (green of course) to Soylent, consume, wait, and observe.

Any others?


Step 3) Magically become transparent.


That may not actually be to far off the mark. Transparent mice. Granted, they are also dead mice, but its a step in the direction of transparency.


I know when I eat black licorice, it usually takes about 12 hours to make it through my system…


@Lee_Ars did roughly this between the second and third part of his series testing a pre-release version of Soylent. It sounds like it took about a day. It would be interesting to hear if the release version of Soylent is the same.


Food gets kinda mixed up as it goes through. Once I started adding food coloring, it was pretty easy to see that some amount of Soylent was taking only a few hours to move from point A to point B(utt), and some other amount was taking as long as 3-ish days. Same reason why sometimes you eat something insanely spicy and feel it at the other end in only a few hours. The body is a complex, gross machine.