Future Product Idea: Pre-Bottled Soylent


Not sure what the ramifications are of having such a product.
Before Soylent, I had an idea that I wanted something like this. I got frustrated with the whole process of food as a whole and trying to find the right balance, and I wished for type of “magic pill” I can take which will satiate my hunger and give me everything I needed… After some research I found Ultimate Meal and later Raw Meal. Those along with Shakeology, Vega One, and Amazing Meal are Soylent’s current competitors. I like Soylen’ts approach and I think they will blow them out of the water.
Now an alternative to all of this, and probably the only one of its kind is “Orgain.” It’s a ready-to-drink meal replacement which comes already pre-packaged with no powders and mixing required. The problem with Orgain is… IT’S SUPER EXPENSIVE!!! It’s about $36 for a pack of 12. So that’s $3 per bottle.
A Soylent version of this I think would be very popular.


shelf life of pre mixed soylent is 3 days, it wont work


Those are probable premixed because they have tons of preservatives and anti-biotics involved.

Soylent is filled with probiotics and doesn’t have any preservatives, so its mixed shelf life isn’t going to be very long.


Could some kind of pasteurization/canning/bottling process, possibly followed by refrigeration, improve the shelf life of a sealed can/bottle of liquid Soylent?


I think, in the context of @rob’s comment, he supplements probiotics on an individual basis. I don’t believe it’s included in Soylen.,It seems to me that placing live bacteria/yeast in a nutrient wonderland, even dry, is a recipe for exploding bags of powder (from CO2 production), possible sickness, and general mayhem.


Yes. Light based irradiation and hermetically sealing Soylent in a sterile environment would give a superb wet shelf life. Some nutrient degradation would occur.


I would never buy a prebottled soylent. If you are going to already have the weight of a bottles worth or more of soylent + water you might as well keep the ingredients separate and carry an unopened bottle of water and mix on the go. But that makes me think of an idea that could work. How about a sealed bottle of water that comes with a portion of soylent and there is already room in the bottle to add the mix? Just unseal the water, pour in the mix, close and shake.


I drink bottled water over filtered water just so I can use the bottles for mixing protein powder and then just throw them in the recycling bin afterwards. I have a water bottle that I cut in half to use as a funnel, works great. I will be doing the same thing with my soylent once it arrives.


No good because of ahelf life but you could probably do a vending machine that mixes thebpowder with water and spits out a meals worth into a cup.


Ok so I just looked up the difference between ‘pro’ and ‘pre’ -biotics. pro is the actual organisms, pre is the ingredients that support the pro. Soylent contains prebiotics I believe.

They could but then you’re looking at a whole new set of costs, and the $255USD a month your already looking at may end up being closer to $500USD a month. costs include the cost for shipping the added weight, the sterilization process and tests to make sure each batch is indeed sterile, etc.


What about if it was sold on a bottle the correct size, with the exact amount you need to have in it if you will up the bottle, then you add water and shake… then baboom soylent


I think this is a great idea! Soylent can probably sell something like that at their online store.

I could probably put them in my fridge for the entire week, and just grab and go.

My problem is that I work 1.5 jobs [60 hours], and I have 0 time for anything! Also one of my jobs involves driving around everywhere.


Yeah this seems like the obvious solution.

I was confused why so many people were talking about pre-mixed with water.

100% Food pre-mixes the dry nutrients, bottles it, and you simply add water and drink.

It works great, but the texture is chunky.

I would much prefer a smooth version like Soylent.


I wouldn’t mind if a bottled version of Soylent added preservatives and other “bad” stuff. I’m in it for the convenience, really don’t care about “animal free” or the other hippie stuff


I don’t know what Soylent is going to do but because they are all about efficiency (which in turn saves the user money) but my guess is that they aren’t going to ship a product pre-mixed with water since you can mix it with water yourself since every home and office has water. Fruits and vegetables are 80-90% water and shipping them is like shipping mostly water. I think part of the idea is to bypass that.

As far as minding whether Soylent has “bad” stuff that depends on what you call bad. There is so much dogma around food and so many people believe so many crazy things. Part of the reason I like Soylent’s approach is that they’re practical. They come off like “Don’t have a pre-conception, investigate, see if something is good or bad, then proceed on the basis of the evidence.” So if Soylent has “bad” stuff that dogmatic foodies are against but which isn’t really bad then fine. OTOH, if Soylent has stuff that is actually bad for you then it lessens the appeal to me.

IOW, hitting all three of healthy, easy/fast and cheap is the market Soylent needs to target.

The animal thing is a good example. Some people have moral qualms about animal products, others not so much. Soylent bypasses that by rendering the question moot. Regardless of whether you have moral qualms about using animal products, it’s simply inefficient (i.e, money wasting) to do so when technology can bypass it. Even the people that want to indulge occasionally or even frequently in animal products (which are most people) can find use in Soylent during those times when they’re just looking for fast, cheap nutrition.