FYI - Soylent measurements by volume ( fl oz - fluid ounces)


FYI: Soylent measurements by volume, in **US fl. oz’**s (or ml, cups) so you can make any size you want with your own measuring cups and containers when following Soylent‘s instructions where they simply use their own container/scoop/pouch as reference.

Supplied Pitcher = 67.628 fl oz / 2000 ml / 2 liters
Supplied Scoop = 4.5 fl oz / 135 ml

1 pouch of powder = 25 fl oz / 740 ml – lightly poured in, not packed down
1 bottle of oil = 2 fl oz

Added WATER:
For 1 pouch, 1 oil bottle, add as ratio of [powder: water] ( approximate):
Anywhere between: 1:1 (25 fl oz - thick) < - to - > 1:2 (50 fl oz - thin)
with 1:1.5 (38 fl oz) recommended by many but it is based on your preference.


Note I use a 32 fl oz Rubbermaid bpa free chug container ( great 1 day, efficient / fast one handed mixing, fits in my travel ice pouch, mix and drink from same container, less cleaning) where I have pre marked the powder level. I halfed the instruction above.It has a smaller opening, so I sawed off the tip of a small kitchen funnel ( to make larger hole - see url pix), so I can easy pour the powder in at speed. All about speed and efficient for me. Make at night, put in refrig, drink all next day, then at night clean with dish soap by same one handed mixing, repeat. Note I personally use 1:2.1 powder to water ratio which gives me more water intake and for me is best for sipping around the clock (drink from a cup) See container/funnel: