Gagging on 1.6 Suggestions?

I received my first batch of 1.6, made it according to the instructions(1scoop soylent:2 scoops water), let it chill over night, but I can’t drink it without gagging. It tastes so neutral to me. Nothing about it is unappealing. I even kinda enjoy the smell, but I can’t keep it down.

Any suggestions?

I’ve already tried straws, holding my noise, and cocoa powder.


Calm down, drink less. Maybe it’s just not for you, but that kind of gagging sounds like an emotional thing. In will probably go away if you slowly ease into it. Maybe it will take you days or more.


I’m typically a big supporter of Soylent’s official products but your problem seems to be deeper than all that. I’m tempted to go with the old adage “if you want something done right, do it yourself” but as Rob tends to say “We’re still a young company”. Hopefully more time can fix this problem but if not, DIY is always an option. Its actually even cheaper as per a lot of recipes I’ve seen, but ultimately the cost will come down to your personal needs. Including flavor and texture.

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Try more water, less water, and nutmeg.

Some people are just prone to “gagging” easier… you should hear my mom when she brushes her teeth (or that one time she tried some of my 1.0 Soylent). Try some 2.0, if that makes you gag too, then there probably isn’t anything we can do to help you.

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Try some milksplash, or quickly put some gum in your mouth after drinking.
Double water so it more smooth to go down.
My mom sometimes has a cup of tea or lemonade nearby and takes a sip with every drink.

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I’ve heard this helps: PB Edition. The suggestion is for 1.5 but it can be applied to 1.6 as well.

If I gag on suggestions I just stay away from suggestions for a while.


I can sympathize with you. I’ve been drinking Soylent for over two years, since the 1.0 version. I thought 1.1 tasted best. This 1.6 is, for me, undrinkable because of the taste. You could cancel your shipments until 1.7 comes out. That is what I think I will unfortunately have to do.