Gaining weight on Soylent


Been using Soylent for about a month starting with 1.2. It takes me 3 days to finish a pitcher since I only use it for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a meal that’s smaller than normal. Never feel hungry in fact I feel stuffed most of the time.

Although it’s eliminated the snacking and sugar cravings and gives me a bit more energy I can’t figure out why I’m gaining weight. Too many carbs?


How tall are you? How much do you weigh? How active are you? Exactly how many calories are you consuming over the course of a day? How quickly have you gained the weight? How much have you gained?


Like horsfield asked :slight_smile: Keep in mind that Soylent is calorie dense, you may in fact be getting more calories than you did before from that single glass… the question is if it is a bad thing or not that you are gaining the weight.

[quote=“adora, post:1, topic:18789”]
I can’t figure out why I’m gaining weight. Too many carbs?
[/quote] too many calories.


5’3" 140lbs (gained 5lbs last month) walking 45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week, 1200 calories a day


My weight remained roughly the same, although I lost inches. I saw a 10% increase in lean muscle as measured by my doctor. So don’t forget that muscle weighs a lot more than fat. Weight is the wrong metric for most people to track, IMO.


Your guessing at that 1200 calories. It may be helpful to use a calorie tracking app like Fitbit. The more OCD you are about entering the nutritional info about you food the better. It can be a pain at first but once all your foodstuffs are entered you can just select them from a list of recent foods. You may be suprize at exactly how many calories you are actually getting per day. Soylent is about 1 calorie per milliliter or about 29.5 calories per fluid ounce.

The soylent calorie calculator seems to think you need about 1600-1800 calories per day just to maintain your weight. Of course this is just an educated guess not a hard number.


I agree. % body fat is a much better metric than weight and/or BMI. You can easily gain weight without gaining fat. You can even technically be considered overweight and still not be fat. Consider two hypothetical people both women 5’4" and weighing 150 pounds. The first person has 40% body fat and the second has 15%. Would you consider the first person healthy? Would you consider the second person unhealthy? They both have the same weight, BMI, and are considered overweight for their height.


I assume you were female?, Females from what I learned need less calories… there is also the fact that the smaller you are, the less calories you need to maintain weight (not gain weight), and the more weight you gain, the less you will gain from the same amount of calories. (assuming you move a little, as the body will use more energy to move around those extra pounds).

that being said, you are still just under 25 BMI which is “normal”… I shouldn’t speak as I am about 28 BMI myself, but people are surprised when I tell them my weight because I look sorta skinny. (it’s all on my legs and belly, but I have a solid core)


I hate to break it to you but BMI is a bunch of invalid BS.


No worries, no illusions were broken.


good. Illusion insurance can be expensive :grinning:


I believe it is better to have as few illusions as possible that could get broken in the first place :smiley: then I don’t have to pay those damn illusion insurance companies.


That puts my 8oz breakfast at 236 calories, lunch another 236 calories. Dinner consists of 6 oz steak or fish a cup of veggies and 1/2 cup brown rice or small baked sweet potato.


Just someone with a calculator dropping by.

  • 6oz steak (depending on the cut): about 400 kcal
  • 1 cup mixed vegetables (varies greatly, depends on contents: about 150 kcal
  • 1/2 cup cooked brown rice: 108 kcal (note: raw 1/2 cup is 342 kcal)

Which totals to approximately 1200 kcal as she claims.


That’s about 928 calories plus however many calories the vegetables have, which shouldn’t be much. Does this include incidental snacking and drinks?


On the subject of calorie counting, I’ve actually got no idea how many calories I used to eat. Yes, plug everything into a calorie calculator sounds simple but in practice when I’m counting my calories I’m paying attention to the quantity of food a lot more than when I’m not. I suspect when I don’t count calories and just pile a plate full of pasta I’m actually putting more on than when I am careful to measure the quantity. And if I go out and get food from a restaurant, I can ask for their calorie charts but I doubt they’re all that perfect on portioning. Back in high school I worked at an ice cream shop and I know I always scooped a little big to give people more so our calorie charts would have been useless. Perhaps if only eating individual size frozen dinners and individually packaged snacks.

I love Soylent for counting calories because it’s so easy to measure and count. But, how much did I eat when eating normal food? I could guess, but a guess is a guess. And nobody I know regularly uses a scale for everything they eat.


Your right. Calorie counters are just extremely educated guesses. Even the calorie counts on packages are “squishy”. Same with calorie counts on websites like So far adora is spot on about her estimated intake. I’m mostly just trying to make sure there aren’t any calories sneaking in under the radar.


Only snacked twice on 1 cup air poppped pop corn and once on handful of peanuts. No sweets. Drink 2 cups black coffee per day and no less than 32 oz of water. May need to cut back on the carbs and up the protein?


I’m starting to lean toward yes to that question. Those snacks shouldn’t do much. Body tissue stores energy as glycogen and 1g glycogen holds onto 3g water. So its not impossible the 5 pounds is water weight. I know when I did low carb soylent I peeded allot and lost 8 pounds in a week. Was your diet low carb before Soylent?

I would suggest keeping track of your % body fat using a skin fold caliper. They are way more accurate than electronic body impedance devices.


Diet before was a lot of fast food, no breakfast. Gonna try eliminating the rice/potato at dinner and see what that does. Leaning now towards going on a keto diet.