Gaining weight with Soylent


Seems everyone has there own reason for wanting soylent.

I personally couldnt care less for food and eating. im 6’4 135 lbs.
Call it a eating disorder or whatever, it mostly comes down to me being literally to lazy to eat when i have other things i would rather do, and then rationalizing it by saying the stuff i would have eaten probably is bad for me anyway…

I would however like to try and change this with soylent if at all possible, for various and obvious reasons

I plan on trying to gain 20-25 lbs in 3 months (How much Solyent i have ordered).

My plan is to have small (“Healthy”) snacks with soylent to get up to at least 3000 calories, per day, and do a very minimal workout every night (1 set of Pushups, abs, squats, pullups) doing “as many as i can” without really pushing to hard, because of a shoulder injury and because burning excess calories is not really the goal.
I plan on weighing myself every morning, and if anyone is interested, I will post my daily weight/end results here.

and on a side note, this last small delay really bummed me out a bit because it was on schedule to get here right at the start of my work vacation, now ill be lucky if it gets here during the vacation at all, im hoping for the 30th.

Does anyone else have a similiar goal/plan with soylent, suggestions, etc.?

EDIT: Ive decided to do strictly soylent for the first week and then see where to go from there in regards to extra calories / more exercise.


I’m about 5’7" and between 122 and 135 usually. I don’t eat enough, for a multitude of reasons, and I’m hoping that with all the nutrients in Soylent, a nice balanced diet will help me to get up to a healthier weight.


Well considering im a male and have almost a foot on you lol, id say your a bit healthier then i am.
Lets hope we can both achieve our goal.
Also i updated my initial post with my reasons for not eating in case you didnt see and might relate.


I can kinda relate. That’s part of why I don’t eat now, before I was battling pretty bad depression, and then I didn’t have any moneyfor food. Now I usually just don’t feel like making anything, so I’ll go for something east and quick, like Top Ramen.


Be careful with aiming for 3000 calories a day. Your TDEE is about 2000 calories. Adding 1000 calories and with minimal exercise means you’re going to be packing on the fat. Now I know this sounds like a good thing considering how thin you must be, but if you care about how you look, I don’t think you’ll want to trade skin-and-bones for soft-and-pudgy. Or maybe I’m wrong… More importantly, the extra calories without significant training can lead to some health issues.

I suggest taking a looking at some of the many TDEE calculators out there and come up with a reasonable number. To help put things in perspective, consider this: I weigh 183 lbs. I am 5’9’’. I train 3 days a week for about an hour and a half to two hours. My caloric intake is about 3000 calories. I’ve been using soylent fulltime for 5 months. When I started training several years ago, I weighed 125 pounds. Skin-and-bones.

Just be careful. Read about nutrition and talk to your doctor.


I came in to say exactly what you said. Well done.


Thank you for the information. I think i may just go with soylent for the first week then and figure out where to go from there in terms of extra calories and/or more intense workouts.