Gandhi's Real Food Soylent recipe


While looking up something else I stumbled across a paragraph supposedly detailing the food regiment of Mahatma Gandhi.

“Mahatma Gandhi largely experimented with food; it was important to
him. His personal diet was vegetarian and consisted of 1 litre of
goat’s milk; 150g wheat and rice; 75g leaf vegetables; 125g other
vegetables; 25g lettuce; 40g ghee and 40-50g coconut blossom sugar.” source

What’s interesting is how much that looks like a ‘real-food’ soylent variant, ha! So just for fun I picked out a few common vegetables found in indian cooking and put their info all into @nickp’s fantastic web app. Here it is, the Gandhi approved real-food soylent:

All the macro’s look mostly great and the micros are not bad either, especially when you consider the vegetable sources and what they don’t always list (like his sulfur being actually fine despite the 0 this shows) and the poor data I have on ghee and coconut sugar. And I gotta say @J_Jeffrey_Bragg, his looks simpler :stuck_out_tongue:


Ghee is just clarified butter, with a little bit of extra work. Mainly heating till the milk solids caramelize, so they can be strained out. It’s essentially pure fat.

Here’s a link from ‘Practical Paleo’ that has a breakdown of the stuff in it.

Total Omega-3 fatty acids179mg

Total Omega-6 fatty acids1548mg


INTERESTING post, Trav. Thanks for passing on this info. Great to know what the Mahatma’s diet actually was. Saddhus and yogis can be quite picky about their diet but they have a very different way of looking at and classifying foodstuffs.

I don’t pretend to be in the Mahatma’s class, but I’ve been considering going into CRON-O-Meter and working out something very like this. I’m in no hurry just now, as I’m so broke I can’t even buy groceries; no viable food banks nearby so I’m pretty glad I have deep pantry reserves and stuff in the freezer. Also it’s summer and I’m eating lots of cattails and dandelion blossoms, would be foraging a lot more if I weren’t mostly consuming Soylent.

My most serious reservation about Soylent now is the absence of green, yellow, red and orange vegetables. Fruits are not such a concern as they are easily added to a shake or pudding, but most veg just doesn’t go well with Soylent. I intend to start a new topic on this subject shortly.

Again thanks for coming up with an interesting item.


Cool @starchasertyger, I updated the ghee ingredient with the data from that link. Thanks!

There has been some interesting talk about supplementing with some of those ‘super red’ and ‘super green’ vegetable powders @J_Jeffrey_Bragg to grab anything found in those veggies we might be missing. I am probably going to pick some up next time I am at Trader Joe’s to try out; it’s probably not something you would need often and has the benefit of a longer shelf life and being way more space-compact nutritionally than actual veggies.