Gas and Soylent 2.0?

So I’ve been on Soylent 1.5 for a few weeks now, and until two days ago, I was at ~90% daily consumption until my 2.0 came in to try. Now that it has, and it’s been two days since I’ve done 100% consumption, I was curious…

Has anyone had horrible, fantastically confused insides? Because my gas has been TERRIBLE. I didn’t have any odd effects on v1.5 and it was my first incarnation of soylent. Thoughts/ feedback? I’m kinda sick of my dog leaving the room at this point, screw my boyfriend LOL

Gas has been an issue with every version of Soylent, though far fewer people have trouble now than early on.

Really though, you shouldn’t bash the gas, it’s good for you and is now even being called the new healthcare hero.


LOL. I’m mostly curious as to why it would start now. 1.5 gave me absolutely no issues and now I feel like a weird, short methane factory.

1.5 and 2.0 are different recipes, the ingredients have changed quite a bit. Some of the folks that had issues on earlier recipes no longer had them when they switched to a new version, and those versions probably didn’t change as drastically as going from 1.5 to 2.0.

I suppose you’re right, I didn’t think about anything other than the different sources of protein and I’ve never had an issue with soy other than not being fond of the taste. Ugh, that’s just inconvenient. Looks like I’ll wait a few days and see if it clears until my next 1.5 comes in. Thanks for the lovely post :3

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Yeah, the formula is quite different between 1.5 and 2.0. When you’re consuming mainly just one homogeneous food and want to switch to another homogeneous food, it’s best to make the transition gradually. Otherwise your gut flora might be unprepared for the new food, leading to gas and possibly poop problems. Maybe Soylent should have the same warning that pet food packages have about transitioning between brands. But in the case of Soylent, it would be about transitioning between versions.

Or you can just pretend nothing is wrong and keep consuming 2.0 until everything balances out…or until you realize that it’s not a matter of balance but rather a matter of having some sort of sensitivity to one of the new ingredients.


I was mostly unpleasantly surprised because I’ve never had a sensitive system, nor been privy to this type of reaction in myself with any previous dietary change I’ve had, and most of the reading I saw had the general reaction that soy makes it smoother and easier on the stomach, blah blah blah.

But yes, “gradually transition over a week” for sure LOL

Probably depends on your stomach though eh, and which gut bacteria you have in what quantities.