Gas Free Recipe! Don't lose hope!


My first week of soylent didn’t go so well. My first day resulted in noxious sulfurous gas. I gave myself a few days to recover and tried again. Initially I thought it was because of the transition from solid food to liquid. I did a sort of bowel cleanse and tried again; with the same result. Now I was just afraid to continue use. I began reading others experiences on the discourse and was happy, yet disgusted, to find others suffering from the same G.I. issues. So I began to experiment with the included recipe. I added protein powder to help curb hunger and add protein for exercise.

Gas Free Soylent Recipe

  1. 3 scoops of soylent with the 1/2 meal soylent scoop (Included with the backer kit)
  2. 4.5 teaspoons of soylent oil
  3. 4.5 scoops of water with the 1/2 meal soylent scoop
  4. Enough ice to fill to the top of a 1 liter blender
  5. 1.5 scoops of Isopure unflavored protein powder with Isopure scoop included with powder

Add water first, then soylent, then oil, then isopure, and finally ice. Blend. This order allows for less clumping of powder. The ice adds water, thickens the mixture, and cuts down on the graininess.

Calories: Soylent and oil: 855 calories. With Isopure protein powder: a total of 1,020.

I am looking to average between 1250-1500 calories per day depending on how active I will be. This also allows for calorie consumption of roughage which helps with any G.I. discomfort.

Raw fruits and vegetables. Salad. Shredded wheat. Frosted mini wheats. etc…

Don’t lose hope! The gas can be conquered! Obviously everyones G.I. system is different. I have a very sensitive system so this works for me. Good luck!

Also you can start out with the above recipe and increase on the soylent calories as your system adjusts. I believe that the soylent to water ratio should be: 1 1/2 meal scoop of soylent to 2 or 3 1/2 meal scoops of water. We have to drink water anyway so why not aid in the digestion of soylent by diluting it some!

Regarding headaches. I believe it to be related to electrolyte imbalance. Using electrolyte infused water in the mix or just drinking it in between has helped. Pickles are full of electrolytes and help as well. They are my go to for a headache!


Which foods have you noticed providing the most relief?

I’ve improved many of my symptoms with soluble fiber, so I’m curious if the foods that help you are also high in soluble fiber.


the space between soy lent is messing me up in trying to read your post… lol “soylent” one word…


How do you distinguish the effect of adjustment from the effect of a different recipe/prep?


Hello, with the original recipe the gas was immediate. I had gas as soon as I finished one glass. With the modified version I found myself to be gas free throughout an entire days worth. I’m sure some of it is due to acclimation. The traditional formula is too strong for my G.I. system. I could never do a whole days consumption without suffering from gas. I know my body well enough. Good luck!


Hello, I find I get gassy when I need to stool or if I haven’t fully evacuated my bowels. If I want a full evacuation I eat shredded wheat. To stay regular I eat salad as I usually have a visual in my stool when I’ve passed the salad. Which allows me a mental note of consumption to stool in my timeline of eating. Good luck!


Hello, sorry about the autocorrect of soylent!


no worries. it took me a minute to realize what was going on. good post, interested to see how others react.


I don’t get it at all. Are you using offficial Soylent? And just adding ADDITIONAL protein powder and water, and that takes the gas away? I find this very hard to believe, lol.


Hello, yes. I am using official soylent.


I think he is saying that gas problems go away if you reduce the amount of Soylent you’re eating each day. His recipe is only getting 850 calories from the Soylent/oil.

I’m still trying to figure out how much I want to eat in a day. Right now I’m pretty much eating a full bag a day, plus sometimes having a small meal for dinner and some other calories from one or two beers at night. So many more calories than I really need.


This would tie into what @Lee_Ars found when he was doing his beta test. When he ate the whole bag, he got horrible gas and felt terrible, when he ate less (I think it was about 2/3rds) the gas went away.


I too get horrible gas and I do think quantity is the issue. I try and eat less now to deal with the problem but not ideal.


“1250-1500 calories per day ----Frosted mini wheats.” Are you really representative of anyone having gas problems?! Please anyone come with a real solution to gas volume and smell problems!


How much. And When!?


Dear @NoFlames "I try and eat less now " of Soylent presumably in order to prevent gas. In mine and others experience the quality (smell) of the gas as well as the quantity is also an issue. Yes, no one said this would be an issue. In their tasting tests was this ever asked about?! Brap!


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Which foods have you noticed providing the most relief?
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If I want a full evacuation I eat shredded wheat. To stay regular I eat salad

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