Gas issues on first day... does my body just need to adjust, or should I tweak my sulfur and/or fiber?


I used the beginner’s recipe exactly, just cut the carbo gain in half. I have been farting all day and it smells like rotten eggs. I have read that the smell comes from sulfur and the actual flatulence comes from fiber.

My concern is that the minimum requirement for my body, according to is 2g sulfur and 25g fiber, and my mix had 2g sulfur and 28g fiber. Would a reduction of 3g fiber make any difference?

Is there any chance my body just needs to adjust? I don’t want to be hasty in changing things, but I also don’t want to set myself up for another gassy day.


Sudden changes in fibre intake tends to cause problems. But if this is the first day of Soylent, it’s unlikely that Soylent caused the gas.


I did not eat anything else all day, so it definitely was because of the soylent. I think reducing fiber today would be a good idea.


Rotten eggs farts are most definitely Sulfur, and since the gases are not really a “body” issue, but caused by gut bacteria, they can happen pretty fast.
I started with much lower Sulfur/MSM, and still started developing those farts on day 4 (hooray for being able to look up the exact day on my blog :D)

You gotta keep in mind that MSM isn’t your only sulfur source:
There are 2 or 3 amino acids that contain sulfur, all contained in whey protein in “high enough” amounts.


So are you saying I can reduce or eliminate the MSM sulfur powder? Because I do have whey protein in my mix so if that’s enough for now, I’d rather get rid of the cause of gas.


My advice, if I were qualified to give any, would probably be to leave the MSM powder out for now for a few days until all is back to normal, then use half the amount and see if that still brings gases.
JUST the whey might be too little, but a few days with too little shouldn’t hurt you.
It took Rob 3 months to develop sulfur deficiency symptoms. :smiley:


Awesome! Thank you for the advice. That’s what I’m going to do.


What is the amino acid profile of your whey protein? Specifically the methionine and cystine.
Also how much protein are you consuming?

Cysteine is 29% sulfur and methionine is 21% sulfur, so you should be able to calculate your intake from there.

As long as the Soylent is harming you (gas isn’t really harming you) I would wait a couple of days before making changes to your recipe. It takes time for your body to adapt. If you continually make small changes quickly, you may never find the root cause of the problem.


I’m using Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein. I get 48g protein from that, and another 11g from Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder.


Maybe it was what you ate the previous day? Digestion takes about 50 hours, so what comes out the end is the result of what you ate two days earlier.


In Theory and with Harvey’s numbers, that’s 1.56g of Sulfur contained in your Whey. Just for informational purposes :slight_smile:


Not quite that much. When I was using that protein I calculated the sulfur to 298 mg per scoop. When I started I was using 4 scoops of protein so I was getting about 1.192 grams of sulfur just from the protein.


Indeed, in his case, it’s only 1.56g
I completely fucked up the calculation, corrected now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been trying to track down my gas issues with Soylent. So far I’ve ruled out oats, and sulfur. Tomorrow im removing the protein powder (going to eat beef and chicken) and if that doesnt work, the fibre is next.

Im not lactose intolerant but have to try em all. Maybe just a liquid diet doesnt like some people?


My problems lasted for about 2 weeks before they disappeared. My last gas problem I had was because of the fiber. The problems when I first started I attributed to a drastic change in diet.

I only get gas now when I eat regular food. Seems my body doesn’t like the work required to digest any more.


I have read that a sudden increase in fiber can bring on the old wind and gas issues. It has happened to me when I started introducing oats back into my diet after not having eaten them for some years.

I feel high-fiber foods like oats, or psylium should be introduced slowly, and in small amounts until your body can adjust (gut bacteria etc).

Not scientist, just a gassy fellow on high-fiber foods.