Gastroparesis solid food alternatives


I was curious to see if anyone else here has resorted to Soylent due to gastroparesis?
I was also wondering if anyone has used Soylent (2.0) long term as all or most of their nutrition?

I have been, supplementing with Soylent for over a year and its been one of the various forms of liquid nutrition I’ve relied on to help reach my nutritional needs. The Soylent has been the most practical however because of the amount of nutrition to fluid/ weight ratio . I have to pick and choose what I consume really carefully , as early satiety overrides my nutrional goals actually being met…and I have to decide between thirst and hunger because there’s generally not the capacity to fulfill both…

… Soylent is a wonderful catch’all loophole :slight_smile:

There are some periods of time where I cannot tolerate any solid foods at all, and thankfully I have not had to go the enteral route .
I’ve modified my diet dramatically over the last 3 years with a lot of trial and error in management of my gastroparesis , and some days ( sometimes , several consecutive days) I rely solely on liquid nutrition and weighing the pros and cons of transitioning back to solids brings anguish
… I love food.
But the consequences of solids outweighs the eating experience all too often …
I resent that I HAVE to consume anything at all in order to live… But until mankind can exist just on air alone, we have to consume in some way or another… I often entertain just giving up and sticking with Soylent /liquid nutrition.
Some days I can only consume 2 Soylent (2.0) drinks, but its better than nothing at all …
On a good day I can drink 3 to 4.
Long term,
…is it realistic to resort to this kind of diet … ?


I’ve been on Soylent 2.0 100% for 10 weeks now and I’m probably going to continue for another 2 months. I have had absolutely no negative effects from Soylent. I enjoy the flavors, I feel satiated, my energy is up, I sleep well, I’m saving money, and I would consider staying on it indefinitely if the nutritional macros were more suited to my long-term plans. Yes, it is realistic to consume only Soylent, at least in my experience and that of many others that I have read about here and elsewhere.


For those who, like me, said, “gastro-what-now?”, gastroparesis is

a paresis (partial paralysis) of the stomach, resulting in food remaining in the stomach for an abnormally long time. Normally, the stomach contracts to move food down into the small intestine for additional digestion…

You must have frequent chats with a doctor; can you print out the Soylent nutrition panel and take it along to your next appointment?

Also, what do the medics recommend for people like you? Stuff like Ensure, I bet (shudder).


In a nutshell… Haha!

I’m on a very modified diet of mostly rice, bread, crackers, chicken,cod, canned tuna, pudding, jello, cooked or pureed fruit ( no skin ) …* I can have fresh avocados and banana though,they are mushy enough naturally*, and veggies that are cooked to “mush” consistency ( ones with no skins that is… Skins don’t digest well) , eggs, and peanut butter… .
… But some days even my “safe foods” are no bueno … And some days I don’t have those foods accessible to me at any given time
(On set, for example… I am in the middle of filming a series for Food Network … Ironic )

That’s where I default to Soylent …
(And yes… My doctor suggested Ensure. … :grimacing: bleh)


Is it possible the food consistency restrictions you have are for psychological relief? I imagine it doesn’t feel great thinking about a mass of half-broken-down food sitting in your stomach. But if your stomach acids are still working normally does it make a difference what the consistency is?

Your frustration with downing more than 2 bottles makes sense now. It seems the average human stomach is 1 liter in volume (without expanding). 2 soylent bottles is close to a liter. And if food is only moving when other food/liquid forces it to (?) overeating probably hurts really bad…

I was going to say try to drink at least 3 bottles a day because you really need those extra bit of nutrients but now I don’t know… This is a very tricky ailment and im really sorry you have to deal with it.


Well, it wasn’t 2.0, but I lived on ~95% Soylent (probably 1.3-1.4) for about 6 months straight. I was single, diet was not particularly healthy, and I liked the idea of saving money, so I decided to just go all-in. The only normal food I ate was with family at special events, and free-food events at work. (these days I’m married and a 100% soylent diet is inadvisable :stuck_out_tongue:)
So, my own anecdotal experience is that living totally on Soylent is completely healthy and safe. I don’t see why 2.0 would be different.

I would say being limited to only 2-4 bottles a day puts you in danger of malnutrition, but it seems that’s a wall you’re running into regardless, in which case Soylent is probably your best choice. Maybe consider adding some kind of high-fat oil to top off the bottles, just to pad out the calorie content? Assuming it stays palatable, and digest-able.


Yes, for me Soylent has been a vital part of living with gastroparesis. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m sort of in “maintenance mode”, and as long as I eat a predominantly liquid diet, I feel fine and eat whatever I want for one or two meals a day. So I probably average 50-60% of my calories from Soylent.