Gave up after day 4


I was 2-week supply purchaser, so I got my official Soylent 1.0 just a few days ago. I had read of the bloating and smelly gas problems some people experienced, so I decided to ease in with two half days of Soylent, then switch to full days for the remainder. I figured that would be a gentle enough introduction since I already eat a fairly high fiber diet.

I whipped up half a batch at night, following the printed instructions, and let it sit in the fridge overnight. I figured for the first two days I’d have Soylent for breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, and a mid-afternoon snack.

Day 1:
A large glass for breakfast. I was surprised at how gritty it was. It was also much sweeter, and a stronger vanilla flavoring, than I expected. And not in a good way. A couple hours later I had a smaller glass as a snack. The sweetness and vanilla flavor stayed with me longer, and I was not looking forward to lunch. For lunch I had a bigger glass. By now the taste and smell was becoming cloying. I sipped for about a half hour, and near the end of the glass I felt I was going to get nauseated if I had to sip any more. I dumped out the last quarter of the glass, and the remainder in the pitcher I was keeping as an afternoon snack. I was very disappointed in the taste, and mildly disappointed in the texture. I was surprised though that I felt fairly satiated.

Day 2:
I had mixed up the second half batch the night before, and added in a tablespoon of cocoa powder. The taste was a little improved, though I still did not look forward to each glass. I did, however, make it through to the mid-afternoon snack. So far I had had no gastrointestinal issues, so I felt ready to try for a full day of soylent for day 3.

Day 3:
I had mixed up a full batch the night before, with no additions, figuring I would add cocoa to the glasses in the first half of the day, and other flavorings the later half (didn’t want cocoa too close to bed). Found out cocoa does not mix into already-made soylent. It just floated on top no matter how much I stirred it. Tried cinnamon for lunch. It did not mix well either, and did not much help the cloying sweetness. Had it with no additives for the afternoon snack. Tried mixing in a tablespoon of peanut butter for dinner. Still not pleasant. Did not have increased gas, but did have some mildly smelly gas in the evening.

Day 4:
Had mixed the full batch with cocoa the night before, since that seemed to cover the sweetness the best. Made it through lunch, dreading each glass. In the afternoon, my intestines started rumbling, and the gas was horribly smelly. Each toot for the rest of the day. Strike three, the experiment was over.

I understand some people love their Soylent, but for me it was an unpleasant texture, very cloying taste/smell that made me dread each glass, and produced noxious gas.

Now I’ve got 11 days worth left over. I guess they go into the hurricane supplies.


It would be a shame to inflict mustard gas on a group of hurricane survivors :blush: . I’ve noticed similar experiences reported, including my own. You mentioned that your previous diet was high fiber. Was it generally plant-based and healthy, as opposed to including a lot of fast food, for example?

I couldn’t take another sip after day two, and I still feel averse to the remembered flavor, although it didn’t seem unpleasant to me at the time.


Please check your PMs. :smile:


My diet is fairly healthy. A lot of fruit, whole grain breads, and most workdays I have a Fiber One high-fiber bar. I don’t think the quantity of gas on my regular diet is much less, but at least it’s usually odorless.


@grnarrow - if you like cocoa, do not like gas and want to stay in nutritionally complete paradigm you might be more happy with rice based formulas. You may integrate it by yourself or find a blend one on Powdered Foods Marketplace.


Hello, I had the exact same problem with the taste of vanilla… It was so bad that I ended up puking and felt quite sick for the rest of the day. One of the reasons for it is because of my GERD symptoms which basically means my stumach acid is always able to flow up in my mouth (small amount) so the taste lingers. That being said, it was only bad the first day on Soylent and I enjoyed the rest of my Soylent very much! (Only had 1 Week that I bought from a forum member)

How much water did you mix with a full batch? And how much did you drink at a time? The gas has nothing to do with the fiber… Or well maybe a little, as it is actually the oats that is the problem (not enough enzyme to break it down or something)

That being said… More water = less texture/taste


[quote=“grnarrow, post:1, topic:16522, full:true”]Found out cocoa does not mix into already-made soylent. It just floated on top no matter how much I stirred it. Tried cinnamon for lunch. It did not mix well either, and did not much help the cloying sweetness.

Cinnamon doesn’t really mix with anything at all. Cocoa - you should probably do the trick of stirring a very small amount of water into the cocoa powder before mixing the Soylent into it. That binds it into a paste which can be mixed into things.


If you don’t like the texture of Soylent you may not like the texture of 100%Food. Then again, maybe lots more texture is the way to go for you, since it may not be possible to ever get the texture down to nothing.


Have none of you ever had a protein shake? It tastes exactly the same, in fact I’d say the flavor is much milder than a regular protein shake.


I agree with this. The texture is pretty much the same as any protein shake I’ve had, and the flavor is much milder and more enjoyable. Friends who have tried Soylent who have never had a protein shake seemed more likely to be turned off by the texture, while those who hit the gym frequently/drink protein or meal replacement shakes were all pleasantly surprised.

It’s definitely different, though, and I can imagine some people with sensitivity to the sweetness or flavor being turned off. Not to mention the gas issues.


I tried plenty of protein shakes :slight_smile: none with the texture of Soylent. But I am also a guy that actually likes the texture of Soylent and don’t understand why other people are turned off by it.


I used about 60oz of water. At meal times I had about 12oz of soylent, at mid-meal snacks I had about 8oz. I followed each glass with about 4oz of plain water, just to rinse the taste and texture out of my mouth.


Try slowing down your “easing in” and eating less at a time and see if that helps.

You should be eating it 1x per day and taking 60+ min per meal (sipping slowly) until you see an adjustment.

A common issue we are seeing is that definitions of “easing in” seem to be vastly different…


What I do is just to water it down more. Instead of drinking 4oz of water after, you could try just adding the 4oz of water (or even more) to your 8oz of Soylent. It helps with the texture a lot and you don’t really need to worry about drinking enough water with it. I basically eat six ‘meals’ of Soylent a day (about 8oz of Soylent with another 6oz of water mixed in.) besides helping with the texture, it feels like more food in you stomach even though it’s only about 250 calories.