Gender Based Soylent Formula Yet?


In the early blog posts about Soylent, it was specifically mentioned that females who participated in the initial trial didn’t experience the overall satisfactory nutritional benefits they needed. At that time, I remember reading that a formula based on the specific nutritional needs of females would be developed. Has a formula suited specifically for the nutritional needs of females been developed? And if so, where can I read about it the differences and specify my shipment to be the “female formula”?


When they start shipping Soylent they will send out an e-mail asking for address and gender.

There are a couple of blog posts that talk about some of the differences but I don’t think a comprehensive list has been created. There are several girls on here who have DIY recipe’s that I hear are going quite well. The one that comes to mind first is @lghaman She started at the same time that I did, and I think it has been going well for her.