General Idea of Soylent


There’s a lot of posts about taste and shops and advertising etc… the main thing purpose of soylent is that you do not need food again. Taste is a food property, so is eating and drinking. So far the main innovation is essentially (apart from all the genius of not going off, efficient thus cheap nutrition, superhuman diet) that you drink it. Drinking is easier than cooking and eating with forks and knives and generally drinks are less disgusting than food (i’m not talking about great restaurant food btw).

Ideally, Soylent will be a let’s say a breath of an inhaler that supply all you nutritions or a gas that is everywhere in your home that goes into your body depending on what nutritions you need. My point is that this is meant to be completely eliminating food (as a routine to eat it not enjoying it like a cinema), a taste in mouth and a substance in the mouth and a thing you have to carry out around, empty, fill, make etc it’s still not the end result of the purpose.

My suggestion is that I’d prefer the mixture as easy down your throat as possible no matter how slightly better because after all we’ll be drinking it every day. If it’s like a smoothie then might as well just stick to regular food. If mixing it in water takes any time at all then regular food (unless it’s super cheaper - but i have a feeling that’s not how the world works won’t he try making a profit off it). It has to be so that it has super shelf life, super cheap cost, zero time making it, zero time drinking it, and the weight of the bottle should feel like nothing in your hand. This may all sound flippant but if this is the new one and only food actually all these things will add up incredibly quickly. And if we’re going on a one and only food (one taste, texture, etc) then the end form should be not having to taste, texture, do anything but simply have our nutrition fulfilled. As if we took somehow some one time drug that meant for the rest of our lives we wouldn’t need food/drink to survive.


The main purpose of Soylent is actually that you don’t have to worry about coming up with what to eat and cooking it if you don’t want to. Nothing about never needing food again.


I’m sure there are dozens of different answers about what the “main purpose” of Soylent is. I’m on board with your definition, but I’m sure there are others on the forum who would disagree. The people who are using it to combat medical issues for example. Anon has some high standards for what he believes the “main purpose” is, but they don’t fit for everyone, and they don’t have to.


While an ever-present nutrition gas is a pretty cool sci-fi idea, and reminds me of the angelnet from Orion’s Arm, real human bodies just need far too much physical bulk to have it floating around us suspended in the air. I don’t know if you’ve made your own soylent yet, but the ingredients take up a fair amount of physical space, even if you don’t count the water they have to dissolve in.