General Questions


Hi guys, I am very new to this, in fact, I just stumbled upon this about an hour ago. I am VERY interested and I am convinced this is for me. Now my general questions.
Are there different kinds I can order? (adjusted ingredients. ie. to lose weight, help gain muscle, ect.)
My biggest question is for the month package. Is that for a supply of one person? Or a “family”.
How many calories is in a drink.
Does my weight determine how much I should drink per "meal"
You get my point. Can someone answer a few of my questions and give me some general information.


In order:

  1. At the moment there is only one blend, although more are planned to be made eventually. You can customize your base Soylent as you wish though- using less Soylent, adding muscle powder, etc.
  2. The month package is enough to cover a single person for 4 weeks.
  3. While the drink was originally going to be 2200 calories for males and 1800 for females, it has been standardized to 2000 calories for the current 1.0 release.
  4. What determines how much you should drink is how much you want to drink, or so I’ve heard. If you can’t stomach drinking a whole day’s worth in a day, don’t use that much. I heard a good strategy is not to think in meals, but to drink throughout the day when you feel you need to.


Thanks a lot! This was appreciated.