German Soylent - my experience



Update: I’m now testing it. See postings below…

I finally created my formula of Soylent with ingredients available in Germany.

I would be happy, if you would review it - please tell me before i kill myself or something :wink:

If here are Germans who have better sources for some ingredients or are interested in buying some things together (especially the minerals would be significant cheaper when we order bigger portions), please tell me.



How much do you weigh? Because I think your total calories are pretty high, but it depends on your weight, body size and what you do during the day. Do you work out? Because the Whey seems pretty high too.

Also, you should ingest a maximum of 4 grams of salt per day. Did you already try your own recipe? I did today for the first time and it tasted pretty awe-full. I think this is due to the salt, so I’m going to try it without salt tomorrow see if it tastes better.

Your iron is also on the low side and check if your salt contains iodine, because it seems your using a separate source for that which might not be necessary.

I also think you are not getting enough fibers from the oats. So you might want to add a fiber source. Your oats contain 8,5g/100g, so you will get about 17g of fibers a day and you need 30 - 40 g of fibers.

And what are the Uber Oats? You added another source of oats for some vitamins/minerals? Also not all your vitamins/minerals are a 100% of the daily needs. But I don’t think that really matters, unless you got an obvious shortage of one.

Hope this helps and please also review my formula! :smiley:


I am 1.81m and 72kg and I move a lot in my job and i work out as well.

No, i didn’t tried it yet, i first need feedback :wink:

You are right with the iodine and the fibers, i have to check this…

Sorry, “über Oats” should be “from oats”. I wrote it in german for me… :wink:

Thank you for your review, i will check yours tomorrow. :slight_smile:


No problem, keep posting about your experiences when you start. I want to read them! :slight_smile:


I finally ordered the ingredients. I think in one week I can mix my soylent :smile:


Hey I would be interested in buying some from you … in theory :smiley: (cause there is risks with buying it from strangers)
Do you live in NRW?


No, RLP but near the border to NRW :wink:
Before I think about things like this I have to try it myself, but in the future we could maybe buy the ingredients together, so we could better prices.
Just give me your E-Mail, Facebook ore whatever…


Will it blend? That is the question.
How about Lecithin as an emulsifier, it came up in many of the other formulas.
But I am sure you can tell us about your hands-on experience with blending now that the stuff arrives, hasn’t it?
Many other questions but won’t bother you as of now :slight_smile:


So, yesterday I mixed my first soylent.
First impressions: It blends fine, I can drink it even it the taste is not great at all. The EVOO has a strong taste, maybe I have to think about an alternative oil.
For now, I can’t see any changes. I fell well.
The only thing i noticed: I did some sports this noon (Burpees) and some time after this, I had a strong tension in the hamstring. Maybe not enough magnesium?


I don’t think you would notice that this fast :slight_smile:


Yes, you are probably right, Ben. :wink:
I just wondered, because I didn’t have such problems for years. But maybe just coincidence…


Nice to hear, although the taste-thing was a little expected :wink:
I thought about using rapeseed oil (and/or grapeseed oil), they don’t have much taste. Of course ethylvanillin or cocoa don’t hurt either, and lecithin to reduce the oilyness if necessary. (yes that’s just me theorycrafting)

So I guess I’ll just let you work it out and go on for the next time, I have no idea how you do the micro-related stuff after all… and maybe I can join you in not too many weeks I hope :smiley: but we’ll talk about that via mail

Just a note: It would be pretty neat if your table had a column showing the official FDA recommodation.


OK… in the last few days I had no chance to drink soylent exclusively. Social eating… :wink:
I ate just one portion of soylent a day.
But today is the first day, I just drunk soylent.
I did just two little changes:
I added soya-lecithin. But I am not sure, what the right dose is. At the moment I take about 15g a day.
And today I bought grapeseed-oil (even I think it is not cold-pressed - I just wanted to dry). I tastes much better then the EVOO. But I think about switching to MCT