Get a 1 month supply renewed monthly or just wait for my two weeks renewed monthly


If I want to get the product now should I get a new 1 month supply or just wait for my original order which was two weeks to start. I figured I would order two weeks at first and then change it if I needed.


All backer orders will be shipped before orders placed on the site. If your order was placed on the site they will be filled in the order they were received. Either way, your original 2 week order will reach you first at which time you will join the 1 to 2 week time frame for re-orders.


What @gambit just said, they just type faster than I. Ordering another month will not speed up your order at this point. You’re two weeks is already in the pipeline, as it were, and anything you order now (no matter the size) will be waiting to be put into the pipeline. Hope this helps!


What is this madness?! This isn’t the way of Soylent! Spend more money, get things faster!


Thank you everyone for your input. I find this whole thing confusing and with being in sick and in so much pain everyday it doesn’t help. I don’t eat anything hardly (except yogurt) anyway. I guess I have to be patient.


If you are in need of a possible solution quickly I recommend or

personally I bought some People Chow - Plain from @axcho as a nice little supply to hold me over until my lowly 1-week of Soylent arrives sometime in the next decade.

See the “Anyone selling their DIY?” thread for the whole train of thought that led to this nice formal DIY market.

Really hope this helps you out!


it’s confusing because the way they went about shipping makes us early backers wait longer than people who came 8+ months later. is also another option