Getting ingredients, mixing (etc) in germany


I was wondering if there are people from Germany (or even “closer” to me: Berlin) that are interested in forming some “ingredient-buyer-partnership” or just to exchange views and tips about Soylent. Like where to buy ingredients in the beginning, etc …


I am also from Germany (Bavaria). This is my recipe

It is low on carbs and i am buying the proteins from US. I have not yet tested it and i might change some things.

Also th to however created this design.


Im from Germany - Karlsruhe)


I’m from Germany too. Definitely interested.

Thanks for sharing your recipe, LordMord.


I suggest you find a european protein source, shipping times and costs from US are not worth it. Here is my choice.


The guy in the fitness store I was in yesterday suggested that their protein products might not be the best quality.
My Maltodextrin actually is of the Myprotein-brand though.


That the MyProtein is not the best quallity?

I am taking a look at it, cause it is cheaper. But i am not sure if it contains phosphorus wich i need and didn’t find any other source jet.

Also i made a slight change to my recipe replacing sunflower seeds with coconut. It is cheaper and contains mtc fatty acids.


Yes, he was of the opinion that Myprotein doesn’t produce the highest quality stuff. for Phosphor.


I have ordered and received my protein batch from there. As soon as I receive the rest of the ingredients I will put it to the test. What I can tell from the pouches is that nutritional facts are too generic to be useful and reliable for something like soylent…

I ordered it from their ebay store actually, not their site cause it has cheaper shipping, dunno why!


I am currently on a soylent with Protein and Malto from myprotein, and it works fine, except my mixture needs a little finetuning.
Maybe the myprotein-stuff isn’t the best whey on the market, but “the best” is also the most expensive - not always because of quality, but the brandname, fancy ingriedients for profi athletes…
At least you can have a look at the test results they did for their whey on myprotein:

A second good source is - they do free shipping to germany and the shipping is also very fast.


I am from germany (near Bonn) too.
Would be interested in a buyer-partnership…


I’m preparing a recipe using soy protein from a German company; anyone know anything about Pro Sana?


CuriousBen it seems like i can’t buy that Phosphor. Says it can’t be shipped to me. Any other sources?



thanks for that. Got something different for the time being but unfortunately more expensive. If the experiment goes well i might us this.


Just chipping in to say that I’m from Hamburg, Germany.

I’d be interested in buying some Soylent, or helping anyone in my area prepare a batch, just ping me.


I’m from Hamburg, Germany too and would be interested in buying ingredients / making Soylent in a group.

I guess Soylent would be an interesting thing for Hackerspaces too.
What about meeting up in the c-base (Berlin) or Attraktor (Hamburg) to make it there?


Another in Hamburg ready to join in group buying or group creation


Attraktor sounds like a good option, any Hamburgers have any experience with precise scientific unit measurement?


I live in Osnabrück and I’m interested in buying from a group. Message me if someone is starting a buying-group!