Getting Soylent to Asia



I live in Hong Kong and want to get my hands on some Soylent. Is it possible to use a package forwarding service like comGateway to deliver some here?

I’ve used forwarding services before for electronics, but what issues would I run into getting a product like Soylent shipped here?


I live in Hong Kong also, and official deliveries to Asia may take another year at least, so I have been buying from iHerb and making my own DIY Soylent for 2 months now.


Hey - either of you interested in selling your pre-made Soylent? I would be very interested.
@8O8, @tommito


Hi @MattY - if you’re interested in pre-made DIY-Soylent - you may check DIY-Marketplace

Cost of shipment to Hong-Kong is about $80 for week, 150 for month.
But some of DIY-solenters share shipment costs 50/50.


@MattY - I am getting stuff from Spaceman for the time being & stopped my own DIY.


@8O8 - buy one thing, but stop doing own - it’s an another level of appreciation. Thanks!