Getting these strange, cold chills after Soylent


After drinking Soylent, I start shivering and feeling cold, like I need to put on a sweater. I rarely feel this way with conventional food. It’s like leaving a restaurant in the middle of winter after you’ve just eaten a large meal.

I think it could be related to poor digestion, but I’m not sure how to treat that. I’m already taking probiotics daily and before heavy meals I’m taking digestive enzymes. I’m going to try a digestive enzyme before my next Soylent meal to see if that makes a difference. Anyone have an opinion or idea here. Seriously considering stopping Soylent because my body just doesn’t seem to be digesting it properly, at least not quickly.


You can sip Soylent slowly, over hours if you want. Does consumption speed make a difference in how you feel afterward? But by all means, if you feel it is bad for you, you should stop drinking it.


I believe there was one another person who had this experience, I can’t find it at the moment.

I would definitely be careful with Soylent as your body may not be taking well to it, for whatever reason.


Lets first try to rule out stuff not related to the Soylent itself. What is your weight/height? How cold is your Soylent? What is the temperature in the room you are drinking Soylent (and the general area). How much are you drinking at a time? How long after you drink the Soylent do you experience this?

Have you tried drinking Soylent at room temperature?

Unless something is wrong with you specifically that makes the specific ingredients in Soylent for some reason make your perception of temperature drop (or your actual body temperature). I would hope it is simply because the cold Soylent is making you cold. :3


There’s no answer to this, at least there is no consensus. We do know that digestion needs an increase in bloodflow and takes blood from other areas of the body. It could just be your bodies way of gathering the blood it needs to help you digest the meal. It could also be a laundry list worth of potential health issues, such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, infections, etc, etc…


I also remember reading someone saying the same exact thing as well either on here or reddit maybe


@JonM, No dont stop soylent. Instead start adding some salt (1/4 or even 1/3 tsp if the taste allows…to a day’s worth of soylent). And like people here said try drinking it more slowly. Also which version are you on?


I, too, experienced the same cold chills after attempting a single day of only Soylent. My initial reaction was, “Well, it is January, after all.” And I did drink about half the container for “dinner”, straight from the refrigerator. I imagine if you drink a ton of any cold liquid quickly, similar things will happen. I noticed especially that my feet were ice cold, even after I put socks on my feet for an hour.

A bigger concern for me was that I never got full. I haven’t tried doing it again, since I still have a ton of 100% Food to go through. But realistically, I don’t see myself ever completely replacing all of my meals for any long-term duration, so for me it’s not a big deal. I simply love eating too much!


@Tark I’m on v1.3. I usually consume Soylent for lunch, a few times a week, with I could do more. See details on my consumption here:

Thank you to everyone who gave their comments. I’ve tried a few things, here’s what I discovered.

Refrigerated soylent w/ salt - Still getting the chills. @Tordenskjold Onset is a minute or two after finishing drink, and it lasts for fifteen minutes or so.

Refrigerated soylent w/ digestive enzyme taken before consumption - Seems to reduce severity of chills

Unrefrigerated soylent, no ice - This works best. Chills less noticeable.

My body also seems to tolerate Soylent better after a gym workout. Faster heart rate, more efficient digestion. I like that it’s a way to quickly replenish lost calories, and I’ll plan on continuing consuming it after workouts.

My question now is whether I can make a pitcher of Soylent and let it sit out in the house for two days at room temperature (70 degrees F). Or will I need to make Soylent in individual batches to consume it at room temperature.


No. The bacterial growth will be a problem.

Yes, for room temp you’ll have two options, first is to make it on demand, or second, you could still make a full batch and warm it before drinking if you prefer the texture after soaking.


is there an easier way to warm it up than to let it sit out at room temp for an hour or two? what do you think of microwaving it?


I microwaved it and it worked fine. You have to make sure to not microwave it to boiling, because if you let it boil it turns into heavy unappealing thick sludge. It’s good warm or cool with cinnamon and nutmeg and sweetener.


What @geneven said. Microwaving should be fine, I just wouldn’t let it get too hot, maybe stir it every 20-30 seconds to insure it heats evenly…


My DIY has more oat flour than Soylent, and takes microwaving just fine.

You can warm it up to room temp or lukewarm and still drink it. If you start getting sticky lumps on the sides of your glad, you overdid it. However, I sometimes intentionally go further, and nuke it some more. Then I eat it with a spoon. It’s spoon bread! (especially good if you add cinnamon and sweetener first.)

Also - a big part of the reason you tolerate the cold drink better after a workout is because your body is still overheated and trying to cool down. I really think this effect is mostly about body temperature.


Soylent microwaved is actually not bad. It’s a bit like hot chocolate, but not nearly as sweet. If I was more of a connoisseur then the idea of cinnamon and nutmeg is a good one @geneven