GI Scale for carb sources



Does anyone happen to have handy a GI scale with all of the major carb sources people tend to use for their mixes in it?
I’ve tried looking around, unsuccessfully, with very mixed results.


Those GI numbers would not be accurate to the mixes as the GI is affected by everything else in the mix, and the individual. The GI for known foods is an average taken from what are considered normal ‘average’ people who eat nothing but the same food to make sure the GI rating isn’t affected by other food.


Fair call, thank you.

This site has an “Estimated Glycemic Load” for many foods.

If you refer to it, be sure to select serving size above nutrtion facts.

I think @Matt88 already pointed out GI is affected by everything else. If you were to mix a high gi with a low gi you would get something with kind of a medium level.