Girl talk- benefits of Soylent diet


Not to discourage males from checking out this thread, but I was hoping to hear from other women about how soylent affects them.

After being on soylent for two meals a day for almost two months and two menstrual cycles I’ve noticed a huge difference. Very light flow after having a heavy flow for years, minimal breast pain after months of pain so bad I couldn’t jog, and less menstrual cramps. I can’t say for sure whether it’s from soylent giving me something I was lacking (my doctor told me to get more vitamin E for the breast pain) or if cutting out junk food has leveled out my hormones. I have only lost three or four pound and am at a normal BMI, so it’s not a weight loss issue. Needless to say, I am pleasantly surprised by this “side effect” because I was never expecting these kinds of benefits. Has anyone else noticed a change for the better and do you think it’s a positive? Clearly less pain is better, but I wonder what this could mean for fertility…


My female half has definitely noticed a few female-specific things. I’ll mention this to her and see if she has anything she’d like to share.


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Let’s all respect the perfectly natural occurrences of the female body and try not to behave like we’re teenage boys giggling about maxi-pads in high-school, shall we?


No menstrual benefits here. I just spent the last fifteen hours in incredible pain, which is par for the course for me. I’ve been on Soylent since April 30th. Some days all meals, some days all but one meal, and an occasional days Soylent-free (but that’s rare).

If it’s helping you, hooray!


Actually I did notice something, not sure if it was a side effect from Soylent or not.

I use the mini-pill and as a result I don’t normally get my period. When I do, it seems random - three weeks between periods, 3 months between periods, etc.

Two days after I started Soylent, I got my period sort of. Extremely minimal cramps, very light, only lasting for 5 days. Normally it’s 7 days at least with 3-4 days of significant cramps. I checked my calendar and it’s been 10 weeks since my last one. So, in conclusion I’m not sure if some of the nutrients in Soylent triggered it or what, and it was very side effect free.


Thanks, I’m hopeful it’s the soylent and I hope it’s a good thing. Sorry to hear that you haven’t seen any improvements. It has been a nice perk but evidently it’s not a universal one. :confused:


That sounds like me, although I use a non hormonal IUD which started the painful and heavy periods that came like clockwork. Pre-birth control I had sporadic and light periods, I like to say my uterus was lazy. With the IUD it started acting like a normal uterus, which sucked. Now it’s like I’m back to my pre-birth control state.


My gal half just got some phenomenal news from her doctor that she was waiting to hear, before saying anything in response to this thread. She plans to do a blog post on it… might take a little time for her to get it done but I’ll try to remind her that people are waiting to hear about it. :slight_smile:


Congrats mate if it is what I think you are implying heh


Ummmm… if you mean there’s a new small human about to enter the world at the hands of the two of us… noooooo way. Come to think of it I can see why you might have thought that, but no absolutely not. Definitely not something we would ever allow to happen. :smile:


Hah okay :slight_smile: yeah thats what I thought


OK ladies & gents, here’s her update…


wow, what great news. TIL


Yeah… I had it in the back of my mind that there could be a measurable improvement since consuming so much less processed food that includes hormones and things that can cause similar kinds of effects in her body. But to actually have the report come back so much better than any she’s ever had, was stunning. The doctor was pretty blown away, to see that drastic a reduction in heat levels in just 4 months without any change except Soylent.


Congrats to Shannon. I have always encouraged my family and my patients to seek other options if they are not comfortable with what is bring recommended. Here’s to continued good news.


Thanks gang, Shannon too extends her thanks. She’s thrilled to get such a clean bill of health about something that is SO serious and statistically, she’s all but guaranteed to get. We refuse to buy into that though and so do everything we can to ensure her continued good health. :slight_smile:


Thats great news :slight_smile: would be really interrested in learning how it changed, what exactly helped and such. Did the doctors comment on her diet in regards to the decreased risk shown on the test?


We did discuss Soylent with him, but only after getting the readings of our bioimpedance scan. He was quite blown away at the amount of improvement we showed, and was wondering what we had done to accomplish it. So I handed him an empty pouch of Soylent to look at, and poured him and his partner each a small cup to try. =) They were astounded at how good it was, especially being quite familiar with many of the other shake-based products on the market.

The only diet-related things he had mentioned previously were for Shannon to avoid anything that could mimic estrogen in the body, since her family’s history of breast cancer is estrogen sensitive. So long ago she had also started taking supplements to reduce her estrogen levels which helped some but definitely not enough on its own. Until this last scan last week, she’s never had readings this low. She’s actually now considered to be “normal” and not “suspicious” or “concerning”. Which given her family history of every single older female relative on her mom’s side of the family for 2 generations having cancer, is a really big deal.

Anyway, I don’t mean to derail this thread with our life issues… I’m just really really happy about this one. :slight_smile:


That’s freaking awesome, congrats!


Fantastic! Congrats, Shannon.