Giving away 19 pouches (95 meals) of 1.7 powder in the Bay area

I have 19 pouches of unopened Soylent 1.7 powder that expire in December 2017 (bought them a few months ago). 14 pouches are in unopened boxes. 5 pouches are loose but unopened and sealed.

I’m one of the population that is intolerant to the stuff unfortunately. I’ve been a Soylent consumer since 1.0 but I couldn’t stomach 1.6 and 1.7. Thankfully I’m able to have 1.8 since they removed the algae which was presumably the cause of the intolerance.

I’m giving it away since I’d rather have someone use it than throw it away.

Contact me at [brianpeiris at gmail dot com]

(Sorry if this is against the forum rules, I’ll remove the post if necessary)

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makes me wish I was in the Bay area…1.7 was my absolute favorite, but not likely to make the trip from NY to pick it up. Happy drinking to the lucky recipient.

I’m willing to pay the shipping if that’s something you re down for…