Giving away my Soylent


I tried Soylent for a couple of days and it did not work for me. I have 25 days of Soylent and oil left which I am giving away - that’s right, giving away. Not selling. Mixing pitcher and measuring cup are included. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Pick up is on you. It’s a bit heavy so you might want a friend or a cart.

If you are interested, contact me at username @ gmail. First come first serve. My wife wants it out by the end of the weekend so one way or another it will be gone by tomorrow night.


I want to applaud your generosity in giving it away. But I have to ask, what didn’t work for you?


gotta warn you…if i wind up getting the soylent…you are getting a hug…hope your not a germaphobe


I’m with living paradox on this one! How kind of you ;)!!

I wish I was in Brooklyn… I’m all the way at the otherside of US (San Diego T_T),


The Soylent is gone! I found that it hurt my stomach and caused a lot of flatulence. Soylent was kind enough to give me my money back, and when I offered to send back what I had left they suggested giving it away. So really it was just generosity all around. I hope the new recipient has better luck than I!


Well that’s cool of them. Sorry that it caused problems. Flatulence I knew about, the stomach pain is new, however.


Stomach pain would be part of the flatulence I assume… as it fills up with gas and expands :3

@jelpern perhaps in the future when a recipe has addressed the problem with these oats causing gas and such, you could try Soylent again :slight_smile: I am guessing it will be about a year though.


i’m the guy who got the soylent (wasnt able to give the hug as I had someone else pick it up for me)…OMG…tastes SO MUCH BETTER than my DIY stuff…thank you again…had a very lucky weekend…a few other things fell into place besides the soylent all at once…went ahead and bought a lotto ticket…just incase :smile:

Thank you again…the waiting was driving me crazy


I live in Allentown. I woke up this morning in a hotel on Long Island and my wife and I DROVE THROUGH BROOKLYN this morning to get home…!
Good job Vadim. It pays to check the web every day…
I got my ‘pitcher email’ the other day…so the wheels are finally starting to work in my direction…


so weird to have received my first official soylent like this…i as prepared for the shipping notification and constant shipping tracking…then camping out front waiting for the delivery guy…instead…read a post, sent an email and boom…soylent for breakfast…kinda sureal…almost forget that im using the real stuff vs my DIY… no gas or pain issues yet…but i guess since ive been on and off of my DIY for months my body is pretty well adjusted. sure energetic today…might just be from the excitment of getting the soylent vs a result of the soylent…but who knows…good weekend all around.


Congratulations VadimGod, good to hear one of these “I’m giving my soylent away” posts actually panned out.