Giving away some 1.3


Have a box with 6 days of 1.3 left and I’m glad to ship if someone will reimburse me for shipping once they receive it. I find 1.4 and 1.5 waaaay smoother, and after trying one bag from the box, I can’t go back to 1.3’s grit. @vanclute, I don’t know if you’re still on the hunt for more, but I saw your 1.5 taste test and I feel for ya, so you get first dibs.


I would really appreciate this a lot! I sent you a PM


I’ve been wanting to try soylent for a while, but I’ve been scared to buy because of conflicting reviews. I’m more than happy to take the batch you don’t want anymore to finally try it out.


THANK YOU!!! PM sent.


Sorry other folks, like I said, @vanclute has dibs since he wants it (and because I know he and his wife depend on it pretty much exclusively). There are probably other members on the forum who have 1.3 on hand who would part with it if you ask around, though.


So how many months worth of 1.3 do you have stockpiled at the moment?


If you want to try it out, you don’t want v1.3 to be your test. Not because it isn’t good, but because it is too far removed from v1.5 to be an accurate comparison.

If you are hesitant to order a week’s worth from Rosa Labs, you can find single pouches for sale on Craigslist,, or eBay. Or if you live near a major metropolitan area, you might try the Soylent Swap Thread; a person close to you might be willing to sell you a bag or two.